Hannah and Brandon

November 6, 2019

Hannah and Brandon were very particular when they started looking for a photographer. When they came in to visit the first time they had many questions to make sure they were selecting the right person to capture their day. I am pleased that we hit it off so well that they felt I would be the perfect person to create wedding memories. We spoke on the phone a few times to put together a timeline for the day. We talked about locations for photos and the best way to make sure all the family photos were taken without having everyone arrive super early. Since the ceremony and reception were in the same location it seemed best to do all the photos prior to the event. We met Hannah a bit earlier while she was getting ready, the wedding party came in the party bus to pick everyone up but her. The plan was for Hannah to drive with her parents to meet Brandon at the park. It was nice for her to have a few relaxing moments with her family before the first look. It was such a beautiful day outside which made some great images as Brandon saw Hannah for the first time. He smiled, twirled her around and then gave her a big kiss. A wonderful moment between them to start off the day. Photos in the park were followed by a quick rain storm, we were very lucky to miss getting wet! Since we couldn’t do photos outside the wedding party stopped to get ice cream at Ted Drews, a great St. Louis wedding tradition. They were so happy the rain cleared out for us to get family photos at a park near the event space. These two really couldn’t have been more lucky in how the weather went on their wedding day! A short but wonderful ceremony was followed by a group photo of everyone in attendance. They will look back at that photo to see everyone that was there to celebrate. We are happy that we were chosen to be there too!

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