Jessica and Edlyn

October 25, 2018

On a beautiful day in September, we were looking forward to spending some time outside to photograph Jessica and Edlyn in their most precious time together.

We arrived to capture the “First Look” of each other. Jessica stood with a stunning gown looking regal. Edlyn, with his back towards his fiance’ was presenting himself as a sharp dressed man!

We were ready as the cue was given for Edlyn to turn around. The emotions flowed and the day had begun. The feeling of true love and commitment to forever and ever filled the air. He took her hand and they walked together to take it all in.

The stage was Westport and it became apparent to all of us that mother nature had other plans for the day. We used the fabulous triangular stack of windows upstair in the indoor mall to create a background of depth and light. Edlyn really dreamt of mountains, grassy fields and lakes,, however, here we are, and it’s their day… and they’re in love…and rain is Good Luck for the Bride and Groom. So, we tried to sneak outside between the drizzle.

We moved to the Hotel to showcase the bride’s train on the ornamental staircase. The towering windows behind brought a bit of the outside in.

The ceremony and reception both took place at Spazio’s Prior to the ceremony Jessica had another first look with her father. Believe it or not,, he thought there wouldn’t be any tears in his eyes!

The wedding ceremony was set up with an aisle to give the guest an up close look at the parents,, maid-of-honor and the bride. The groom waited up front for his bride to meet him. The ceremony was romantic and sanctioned.

The guests moved to the cocktail room while the dinner was prepared and the families posed for some traditional portraits.

As the reception began, the cake took center stage, looking splendid. The couple cut the cake and the toasts were given in style. The time for celebration had come. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest looked happy and enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing, as a new family.

Congratulations, Jessica and Edlyn

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