Jessica and Shawn

October 25, 2018

Jessica started looking for a photographer all over the place. Attending bridal shows, online research, asking friends. As the process got overwhelming she remembered the was a photographer right under her nose…me! She is the assistant at an office I visit a few times a month so we got to talking. She decided to review the packages we have and realized that we offered a great deal. Of course she wanted to take advantage of the engagement session that is included in the packages. We set aside a time in the fall way in advance. It’s hard for her and Shawn to get away from their 5 kids to find time together for something like an engagement session. Picking a date far in advance allowed them to schedule around it, now we just had to hope for perfect weather. It would have been nice to enjoy a fall evening but the warm temperatures are better than being rained out. We talked about meeting in St. Charles since the wedding would be in that area. However Jessica found a few photos from Creve Coeur Park that she really loved. I knew exactly where the photos were taken so we switched locations. We are super flexible when it comes to our sessions because we want the clients to have what they want when it comes to the location sessions. We eventually found each other because our gps took us to two different locations in the park, but we quickly got working and climbed up into the waterfall. Yep, they wanted to get into nature as much as possible. We went into the woods, walked on paths and even took their shoes off at the end to put feet in the water. I had such a great time working with Jessica and Shawn and I really look forward to working with them for the wedding next year!

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