Jordan and Morgan

March 16, 2018

Jordan and Morgan came in to look at wedding photography and noticed that our packages were not exactly what they were needed for their wedding day. No problem, we custom created a package that was perfect! We are more than happy to work with any couple on creating something for their event to match exactly what they need. Our packages include an engagement session so we set something up for the studio with a few photos outside at our location. Our studio has various backgrounds along with chairs and props for sessions. Depending on what you are looking for it’s a great option as a place to take your engagement photos. Of course we don’t have the vast area with trees like a park or any water features, however it gets the job done with also the option of stepping outside for some daylight photos. The best of both worlds all in one spot! I continuously tell couples to use their engagement session so we can get an idea of how they interact with each other. They will also get some insight into the way we work, how we give directions for posing and the amazing final results they will get from not only the engagement photos but also the wedding images. This couple seems very relaxed with all the wedding planning. Getting everything together while still in school can be hard but they are making it work and are down to smaller details giving them a chance to just enjoy being engaged for awhile. We are looking forward to working with Jordan and Morgan on the wedding day. The relaxed tone will surely continue because the whole event is in one location taking added stresses like transportation out of the equation. It will be a great day with family and friends!

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