Jordan and Ryan

December 28, 2017

Jordan and Ryan picked the end of October for their wedding for a few reasons including the fact that the past few years it has been a great weekend for fall color and also quite warm. Well…we got one of those things. The fall colors were wonderful in the park. The weather was less than wonderful – I think we were in the high 30’s or low 40’s all day! The plan was a first look in the afternoon, all wedding party photos in the park, meet with family in the park and then head to the outdoor ceremony. Jordan and Ryan didn’t let the weather ruin their plan. We stuck to it! I will say that the color and lighting was amazing, they have so many beautiful photos that don’t show just how cold it was only how happy they were. We did get a few just to document the temperature, Ryan in a huddle with the groomsmen to stay warm and even with a shawl the goose bumps on Jordan’s arms! We did have some time to warm up before the ceremony while the location was being set with chairs, lights, décor and blankets for the guest to stay warm. You just never know what will happen in St. Louis, but the photos of everyone under blankets watching Jordan and Ryan are such great memories. During the ceremony I have seen sand, candles, knot and all sorts of unity ceremonies. I had never seen painting! Ryan and Jordan had a canvas with their photo on it and a heart, they used paint to trace the heart. It will now hang in their home as an art piece showing their love. Moving to the reception was the most exciting part for everyone. The décor was great, warm room and a party to celebrate. Everyone was having such a fun time that I wished I could have stayed and joined in! I hope the party kept going all night because these two truly deserve every moment of happiness they can get. Such wonderful people with loving family and friends around them!

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