Julie and Dave

August 9, 2017

Julie and David found us through friends, we were excited when they called to sit down and talk about their wedding plans. The timing of their day allowed for them to use our 8 hour package. We have other options available as well for those couples that need more time. Wedding Package Prices
We arrived at the church where the wedding party was getting ready. The bride had a large beautiful room where she and the girls were putting on the finishing touches. The boys were in the kid area of the church…pretty typical and also funny. Julie and David decided to do a first look and get most of the photos done before the ceremony. It worked out perfectly for them to meet up at the altar where in just a few short hours they would exchange vows. The area around the church and down the block a bit had great scenery for photos. This meant that we didn’t have to waste time driving around, we just walked to the lovely locations. Our goal was to stay in the shade as much as possible during the day since it was a quite a bit warmer in the sun. A few formals outside, family photos in the church and still some time to spare so we decide to step back outside to get some photos of the wedding party showing their personalities. Wow, they had so much to show us! In just a few minutes we got a ton of great photos of this group having a fun time. The ceremony had a special touch when one of the bridesmaids, a deacon, gave the homily to the couple. It was very personal for them adding a special element to the event. Before we arrived at the reception Julie and David stopped by Oak Knoll park for some photos. This is not a usual park for us to go however we should probably swing by there more often. It was very nice to be the only bride and groom around, also the scenery was and lighting was fabulous. I’m excited for these two to see the photos when they get back from their honeymoon in a couple weeks.

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