Julie and Zach

August 8, 2018

Julie and her mom Joan visited our studio to talk about wedding information. Julie attended a high school that we photograph so we did her senior photos. They were not sure where to start when it came to a wedding photographer search but we are so glad they came to us. We talked about all the options for the wedding day – also the extra items they would get for using our services for the wedding since we did senior photos. They had found the photographer for them! Throughout the process we answered questions about many aspects of planning a wedding. We helped them order invitations, went through a timeline for the wedding day and also talked about important photos that we would be sure to capture. The wedding day quickly arrived, we met Julie at the hotel where her and the girls were getting ready. A few photos there before we headed to the church to meet Zach. We were able to get everything done using the great stained glass inside because it was quite warm. Knowing we had park photos after the ceremony we wanted to keep everyone as cool as possible. Julie is a teacher so her class came to sing a song – they were so happy to be included, it put a smile on everyone’s face. Soon we were ready to brave the temperatures over 100 while doing our park photos. We mentioned that we would work fast and they could let us know at any point when they were done. We had 2 hours but that was just too long to be outside, however Julie and Zach were happy to stick it out in order to get all the great photos they wanted. You only get married once so it’s worth it to do it right! The wedding reception was complete with everyone surrounding them enjoying the night. We were happy to be a part of the next chapter in their lives…next family photos!!

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