Kaitlin and Josh

June 27, 2017

Josh and Kaitlin met us at a wedding show. We had a connection which brought them into the office for a more personal meeting. We talked about all the package options which quickly brought us to a timeline of the day. We wanted to figure out the best package and way we could efficiently use the sunlight since their wedding is in the fall after daylight savings. Sometimes it helps to see each other before the ceremony but we are always willing to come up with a plan to keep that first look as she walks down the aisle special for everyone. This engagement session proves that moment is going to be so special for these two that I’m sure their choice to not see each other before the wedding is great for them. The emotions we are going to be able to capture as they see each other for the first time will be magical. Kaitlin and Josh mentioned a few times how they really appreciated the directions I was giving them on how to stand during each pose. However they were actually very good and only minor adjustments were needed to perfect the image. They laughed when I said “alright now just have a special moment” They were a bit unsure of how to make the moment special but laughing and enjoying the company of one another was perfect. It was a bit warmer that anyone would have liked however the sun was tucked behind the clouds offering me the perfect lighting for their session. We chatted about all sorts of stuff from the wedding plans to the completion of their first year of teaching at new schools. They are both so easy to talk with, I know we are going to have a great time on the wedding day. Looking forward to the fall!

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