Kate and Rob

January 18, 2018

Kate and her mom came in shortly after her mom came in the office with her sister. Lucky mom, her daughters got married only 7 weeks apart. This family has been very busy planning over the past year! Since we just worked with everyone in October we knew exactly what to expect from Kate. It was a must to get some extended family photos while also making sure to get the details of the day. We are great about creating a perfect balance between the traditional elements of your wedding day along with the special touches each person has in the big event. Starting at Kate’s house with a traditional Italian breaking of the plate then heading over to the church to start photos with Rob. These boys were all gentleman as we started the posed photos, little did we know what crazy things would happen later in the day. They know what we mean, it was a first in all the weddings I have done, but lots of fun making the photos unique. A traditional catholic wedding, bagpipe exit and time set aside for altar photos were all included in this couples special day. We headed to Forest park, beautiful day for November! Despite some timing problems with holiday lights not being available when they thought, Kate and Rob decided not to let that ruin such an amazing wedding day. After a quick decision for Arch photos we then headed to the reception where the traditions were kept alive with Italian candies on the table and a goblet passed by Rob’s family. It was such fun to see these two families come together. Another great addition to this whole day was RJ, his speech to dad and Kate was perfect. He was not shy and spoke loudly about how happy he was to officially welcome Kate to his family. Thumbs up from RJ! Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day.

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