Katie and Travis

July 12, 2017

Engagement photos are a very important part of your wedding planning! Not only do they give you a chance to work with your photographer before your wedding day and get a feel for their style, it also helps us to get to know you better as a couple. Even if your wedding is coming up quickly, it is never too late to schedule an engagement session. Travis and Katie’s wedding is just a few months away in October and they definitely wanted to send out Save the Dates, so we found a day in June to go to Tower Grove Park for some engagement photos. We were lucky that the early summer heat had cooled off a bit by evening and we also mostly had the park to ourselves. If you can schedule your sitting during the week that usually helps ensure you won’t be dealing with as many people at the park walking through the background of your photos. Katie and Travis were very relaxed in front of the camera. They had a few requests for their photos, but otherwise just had fun walking around and telling me a bit about themselves. They both are from the St. Louis area, but actually met while living in Chicago. Its funny how life works out like that sometimes, that you move to a different state just to meet someone from your hometown!
After some photos at the pond and stone ruins, we had time left to drive down to the beautiful, ornate gates at the east end of the park for a few more photos. We talked about their wedding plans, which will be at the beautiful Innsbrook Resort. We have photographed there before and are very excited to return to that venue with its picturesque spot on the edge of Aspen Lake. We can’t wait for October to arrive and to work with Katie and Travis on their wedding day!

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