Katrina and Zach

January 3, 2018

Taking engagement photos is always fun, but it is extra special when you get to take them for your sister and travel to a different city as well! Katrina and her fiancé Zach fell in love with the scenery and look of Chicago while on a visit there, and decided that was the spot they wanted to take their engagement photos. Chicago is full of beautiful and interesting locations for photos, and we had a lot to think about when deciding where to go. We managed to get it narrowed down to four spots that were close enough together to make travel easier, but also gave them a lot of variety. There were a lot of events going on downtown that weekend, but we did our best to avoid the traffic and big crowds.
We started off at the Lincoln Park Zoo for some shots at the nature walk pavilion, which has a fun geometric pattern. The area also has some beautiful landscaping for some images with less of a city feel to them. We had great weather for their photos, sunny and warm for Chicago in the fall. After an outfit change we headed to the iconic Chicago Theater for some photos there. To go along with the theater theme, Zach had picked up a hat for a fun accessory! We had to wait a bit in-between shots, but were able to get some amazing images with few people in them. From there we took a quick walk along the Chicago River to the La Salle Street Bridge, stopping a few times for some more shots and to enjoy the scenery and skyscrapers. It is definitely very different than St. Louis! We finished up at Grant Park, where we got some shots with the majestic Buckingham Fountain and Chicago skyline. It was a busy afternoon, but we got some amazing photos for an engagement shoot they’ll never forget!

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