Krista and Jeff

November 6, 2019

Krista and Jeff came into the studio looking for a wedding photographer. As we started talking about how they met, where they are from and where they work we realized that Krista worked with a friend of mine. It was great because she could get first hand words on how we work on someone’s wedding day. We are very relaxed, at ease the whole day and there to make sure everything on the photo side runs smoothly. We are even happy to help anything other aspects of the day that need some extra touches. We are happy to work with a bride and groom to set up a timeline for the day, then we make sure to stick to that time line keeping the day moving perfectly. Krista and Jeff scouted out a few locations in Forest park that they wanted to do photos. We were happy to go anywhere they wanted to get the perfect images. What we did not expect was the very cold weather, but everyone was very happy the rain moved out leaving us with clear skies! We were able to get many photos even leaving time for the wedding party to warm up before the ceremony at the Jewel box. A simple and perfect ceremony uniting Krista and Jeff was followed by a group photo of everyone in attendance. It’s not every wedding that we are able to get a full group photo of the guest, when we do it is a very special way to see all the faces that were there to support the new couple. They had many people come in from out of town so this photo is extra special to Krista and Jeff. More wedding party photos in Forest park was fun before heading to the reception, well at least as many as we could handle before everyone was cold. No problem because they just warmed up on the dance floor later. When I looked around the room at one point I could see that everyone in the room was out on the dance floor with Krista and Jeff, it was a great site! I am happy we were there to document this wonderful event.

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