Krysta and Nic

November 28, 2017

Well it may have taken this couple twelve years to get here but it was worth the wait. Krysta was bustling around on the morning of the wedding getting the small details completed for a perfect day. The bridesmaids filled the room with green dresses as we hung them by the fireplace for our first photo opportunity. The day was going to be a quick one as the couple had chosen late afternoon for their ceremony.

The bride’s father posed for several photos with his daughter. This was especially important after being in a serious accident just a couple of months before the wedding.

The groom, Nic, and the couple’s son Brayden kept busy in another room with the groomsmen. They ventured outside of the church for some great photos to take advantage of the fabulous fall weather.Halloween is their favorite holiday and it was just around the corner.

After a beautiful ceremony in the church and a few family photos on the altar the wedding party boarded a party bus for a trip to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Campus. There, we captured the bride and room in all their glory. The air was warm, however a gusty breeze kept everyone comfortable. The groomsmen were silly and you could tell this was a close knit group.

We worked quickly to get as many combinations of friends and family so we would have enough time to head to the reception at Holiday Shores Clubhouse in Edwardsville, Il.

When the dance floor opened the bride and groom danced in perfect harmony. After all, they had twelve years to perfect their choreography. Then her father surprised all of us when he was able to get up and dance with his daughter.

The bestman had a great toast to share, as Nic was in his wedding just a few weeks prior to this one.

The couple danced all night! This sure was a dancing group as I looked out at the tables and realized most of the guest were not sitting. A few were outside on the deck of the Clubhouse overlooking the beach and the water.

Krysta and Nic, a gorgeous couple, ended up with a spectacular wedding on a great day, and now have a perfect little family.
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