Laci and Will

October 25, 2018

Laci contacted us because she was looking for an engagement session that was not included in a wedding package. The photographers she contacted wanted to book a wedding package first, however she and Will are not getting married in St. Louis. We were more than happy to help them embrace some special locations in St. Louis since they live here but will not have wedding photos here. They were looking to hit some of the spots that showed off St. Louis pride. We started at Busch Stadium, instead of using the statues and things that scream Cardinals we focused more on the brick and areas of Ballpark village that had a few Cardinals things in the background. We knew we were going to hit Kiener plaza and the steps of the court house. These locations had a view of the arch which is exactly what they were wanting to highlight. However Will surprised me with access to the roof of his office building. This is the location that he proposed to Laci. As a photographer you need to be prepared for all types of situations even when you don’t know what the situation will be. I wasn’t expecting to be in the lobby of an office building but it gave us some amazing and unique photos. These are the best moments as a photographer, a new experience that could be a challenge but turns out to be perfect. Not only were the lobby photos great but we then headed up to the rooftop to the room that Will propose to Laci. This had a balcony with a wonderful view of the arch! I don’t think this session could have gone any better and I’m so happy that Laci found us. We were happy to help her and Will capture St. Louis!

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