Lauren and Chris

January 9, 2018

Lauren contacted us because, as with many of our clients, she had experience with us from a family members wedding. We did her sister’s wedding and she knew we would be able to handle hers as well. She loved our style, personality and quality service. We were so excited to hear from her! Hoping for a fall session but not knowing when the trees would change color we set up an appointment in November. The weather has been so crazy with 30 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next. We got very lucky with a nice day right about in the middle of those with only a bit of wind when we were near the riverfront. We met in St. Charles for the session, knowing we will also be taking wedding photos in that area we decided to stick to the main street with buildings. That area is small for wedding party photos but perfect for the two of them! I really think these two have a great amount of variety in the photos. We have romantic, fun, traditional – Lauren even mixed it up with a jeans-sweater combo first followed by a tulle white skirt that her friend made for her. It was so nice to have the different styles making each half of the session unique. Chris and Lauren really interact well with each other making it easy to photograph them with genuine expressions – Chris even threw in some over exaggerated faces and mirrored Lauren’s poses to give us a laugh. Of course we talked about the wedding plans, which are coming along great. The venue will be brand new since they break ground on the building soon – how exciting to be one of the first weddings in a new St. Louis location! This event is going to be one to remember.

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