Lauren and Evan

July 31, 2018

Lauren and Evan met us at a bridal show. We enjoy working shows because it is a wonderful way to meet brides from the area. We have a perfect location on Hampton but getting out name and photos out there in front of newly engaged couples is the best advertising. When we met they knew that they wanted a more relaxed wedding style. They understood that family photos were a must, posing for those along with wedding party however for photos of them they wanted a more natural look. We are more than happy to create this but we rely on the couple to make the magic happen. If we point a camera at them and they freeze or don’t interact with each other because they are concerned we are watching then that is exactly how the photos will look. Lauren and Evan pretty much ignored us, walking in the botanical garden together posing and helping us create very natural photos. They had scouted out a few locations prior to the wedding so we made sure to use those. Once we found the exact spot for them to stand with the best lighting they just looked at each other, laughed, kissed and did all the right things. We had started off the day with Evan at the shave shop and Lauren getting her hair done which gave us lots of time to relax with them. However after photographing the engagement session we knew they interacted well together. Engagement Photos

The ceremony got off to a bit of a late start due to some traffic on the highway making it hard for Lauren to arrive on time. However despite the very, very warm weather prior to this day and the warm weather after…these two got very lucky with a beautiful day in the 80’s. We worked quickly so we had time to stop at the city garden downtown on the way to the reception, The Thaxton. This venue offers lots of photo opportunities which we used before the couple was announced to greet their guests. They decided to start off the evening with dances before dinner so that when everyone was done eating they could get right into the party. And that is exactly what they did – so much dancing and fun that it was hard to pull Lauren and Evan away for a few alley photos with the speakeasy sign. However we did those and then headed out, although it would have been way more fun to stay and party. Thanks for letting us spend the day with you.

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