Lauren and Rob

November 9, 2017

Sept. 30th was the perfect day for Lauren and Bob’s wedding. St. Ambrose Catholic Church was the setting for this beautiful wedding. The bride’s family grew up in the parish and had many lifelong friends to celebrate with.
We started the day in the bride’s hotel room with the bridesmaids all trying to take their turns for fabulous up-do’s and stay-all-day faces! There wasn’t a corner of the room without a bag of accessories as we worked in and out of tight spaces to capture all that was going on. The bride’s mother, Karen and her sister Melissa were watching to make sure everything was exactly the way Lauren wanted it.
The brides father, Chuck, stepped in to get a peek at his beautiful daughter and took a few minutes to stay for his part in the photos.
Then we headed for the church where the men were gathered. Bob was anticipating our arrival and ready to go The side of the church provided a perfect place for photographs and to keep out of view for the bride’s arrival. The groom had a couple of darling little boys stand with him and help him smile.
The ceremony beneath the ornamental church ceiling is always a majestic site. Monsignor Bommarito always starts exactly on time. We captured the traditional exchange of rings, blessings, kisses, and all of the grandeur that went along with it.
The next step was to have a bite to eat and play a game of Bocce at Milo’s Bocce Garden on the Hill, across from the church. Sue and Joe Vollmer put out a large spread of food for all to enjoy. You definitely don’t go hungry when you are with Italians!
The bus arrived and it was time to embark on our Trio of St. Louis City Parks. We used the Tower Grove Ruins as one of our settings. Did you know the Ruins were a part of the largest St. Louis Hotel of it’s time? At Forest Park we took advantage of the architecture surrounding the Grand Basin. We took a stroll in Lafayette Park to capture the serene feeling of the pond area and the black iron bridge. It was perfect to photograph the entire wedding party stretched across the water.
The day was topped off at a reception for the couple at St. Francis Xavier College Church at Grand and Lindell. The streets were brightly lit for a city streetscape featuring Lauren Bob and the glowing neon sign of the Fabulous Fox Theater. It was quite a beautiful sight to end a beautiful wedding day.

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