Little Clare

March 2, 2018

Clare is now 8 months old, shocking how fast time goes. It seems like we just did her newborn photos and now she is sitting up like such a big girl. She is on the verge of crawling which is great for pictures because she doesn’t crawl away. What is also great for pictures is the fact that she just kept smiling! Mom can in with a few things from home, perfect for making the session more personal. We started with all the important outfits and then got super cute with some stuffed animal friends and rubber duckies. Clare was a trooper with the bunny ears. She looked adorable laying with her little friends and a great big smile on her face. The great thing about a bath time photo is that even when the kids are playing it is still very cute. Incorporating props in the session is a way to enhance studio portraits. Lots of people love the look of outdoor session but of course during these cold months it’s not possible to do all sessions outside. During those outdoor sessions you can bring things that the kids love but there is so much nature for them to enjoy it’s not always necessary. We have lots of props and sets to use during our studio sessions which makes it easy on everyone but if there is something special at home that you might want to bring in we are more than happy to include them in the photos. Clare enjoyed having some of her things from home – some were just there to help her smile. Good thinking on mom’s part to pack some toys that she loves. We are excited for the next session when Clare is 1, she might be walking all over making our plans for a park session the perfect option. See you in a few months little one.

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