Lizzie and Vineet

May 29, 2018

After a very cold April it is wonderful to finally get outside to the park for some photos! Lizzie and Vineet’s wedding is this upcoming October, so they were excited to get to the park for some beautiful springtime photos while the trees are blossoming. They chose Tower Grove Park since it is one they frequent often and has a special meaning for them. While it was still on the cool side, we got lucky with some sunshine after several cloudy days! Lizzie and Vineet opted for a more laidback session, with just one outfit and staying at one general area of the park. That way we could take our time, not be rushed, and really be able to enjoy the wonderful afternoon while we walked around. We started taking some photos at the beautiful cherry tree lane since the trees were in full bloom and looked absolutely stunning! They only bloom for about two weeks, so we were lucky to be there at just the right time. The afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees made for an especially beautiful spot.
After that we headed back to take some more photos around the music stand and by the main pond and ruins. With all the flowers blooming there were pops of color everywhere, and finding spots for photos was easy. We also got the chance to just chat and talk about their wedding plans, which are going very well. Lizzie and Vineet are keeping extra busy since they will also have a wedding ceremony in India to celebrate with his family! Before we were done for the afternoon Vineet wanted some photos with his bike, since he is an avid bicyclist. I always love it when a couple brings a fun element to include in their photos and make them unique to them! We had a fun, relaxed afternoon, and we look forward to working with Lizzie and Vineet again this fall!

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