Maggie and Ben

September 14, 2017

It has been great getting to know Maggie and Ben over the past year and a half. We met mom and dad when we did wedding photos. They remembered our free session offer when the twins arrived. We explained the benefits of our birthday club membership and they were excited to join. Now we get to see the family every few months. At least until the twins are two, after that it would be yearly or perhaps during our special spring sessions. Either way we are happy to see everyone as often as we do now. Each time Maggie and Ben grow so much, we are lucky we get to capture these moments. Starting with family portraits to get them excited about photos is usually how we like to begin. It’s great to have a few photos with mom and dad before they just set the kids down and walk away. This also gives us a chance to see which one of our many tricks will work to get them to smile! It’s funny with these two because each session it seems like they switch personalities. During one session Maggie smiles while Ben is less than enthused – the next session Ben is all smiles and Maggie makes us really work for it. Perhaps at the next one they will both be on the same page smiling the whole time. With summertime photos we try to work quickly because once hair starts to look sweaty it’s hard to continue still getting great images. Luckily we got everything we needed just before the kids started to turn red faced. Family photos were perfect, great images of Maggie and Ben alone, only a few of them together but the ones we got a just precious. I know it’s not of them looking at the camera but something about them looking in a window together is just the cutest! I bet the next time we see them we will be having full conversations since they have already started with some words.

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