Max and Jamie

August 3, 2017

A neighborhood wedding is so much fun because we know so many people! It is great to see everyone come together in celebration for a couple they have known since school days. Max and Jamie attended the same grade school and although they were not “an item” then they fell in love shortly after. Jamie’s maid of honor stated in her speech that it might have been easier to put an announcement in the church bulletin than sending invitations. The couple had so much support from friends, family and neighbors that they were glowing with joy all day. Or perhaps it was their wedding vows that had them glowing! These two are such a perfect match which we saw during their Engagement Photos and the excitement of getting married had them smiling all day. Despite the predicted July heat they actually had a beautiful day, hot of course but a nice breeze in the shade made park photos enjoyable. We started off at their homes for getting ready photos before heading to the St. Ambrose for a beautiful ceremony. The girls were having a great time chatting about wedding events. A wonderful home design with lots of light made the photos amazing while Jamie and her mom got ready for the day. The boys had a fun time with a visit from the St. Louis’ Finest truck all decorated for the weekend events. It wouldn’t be a neighborhood wedding if we didn’t stop by Milo’s to get some photos on the bocce courts before heading to the park! Working quickly we were able to get to the reception before the guest so Jamie and Max could greet them as they arrived. It’s always nice to have a bit of extra time to talk with everyone instead of rushing around to each table during the reception. How could we not take advantage of the holiday weekend – ending the night with a sparkler send off was perfect for this two as they have started the spark of their marriage. We wish them a burning love for many years!

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