Melissa and Landon

September 25, 2018

Patti came in to visit our studio looking for a wedding photographer for her daughter. She wanted to get some leg work done for her because Melissa was very busy and Patti didn’t want things to fall behind. She wanted he daughter to have a beautiful wedding from start to finish. Planning a wedding in about 6 months can be very stressful, we wanted to help where we could…amazing photography. After our first meeting Patti came in with Melissa because she knew we would be a good fit for the event. We talked about the plan for a first look with Landon so we could get as many photos done beforehand as possible. When the week of the wedding came we were ready to go because we already knew the plan. Patti even mentioned at the end of the night how perfectly the whole day went. This was great because Melissa and Landon deserve nothing short of perfect! We captured one perfect photo after another because they just did the right thing the whole time. Having a beautiful location for the reception, Concordia Seminary, made it easy to go straight from the ceremony to the reception location because we could just do photos there. Literally I could take photos there all day – it is beautiful. We had to reluctantly stop so we could get to the party. They had a wonderful time talking with friends and family that came to celebrate with them. During the speeches it was mentioned that Melissa’s parents were told not only to pray for their daughter as she grows up but also to pray for the person she will eventually marry – well they did a good job of praying for Landon. He was a perfect match for her. They also joked how Landon’s parents did more praying for him to find someone perfect because they knew she would be out there it was just a matter of him finding her. After a night of fun the guests had a glow stick send off and the two left to enjoy the rest of the evening as husband and wife.

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