Michelle and Steven

May 21, 2019

Michelle selected a date for an engagement session a while ago. She knew that her and Steven wanted an outdoor session so we picked a date and hoped for nice weather. Well, in the middle of two weeks of rain we had one beautiful day for Michelle and Steven. We touched base a few days before the session to pick a spot for the photos. Michelle wanted to be sure to include a rosary in their photos because that is very important to them. We were hoping for a Marian grotto but after Michelle took a bit of time to drive by a grotto at Our Lady of the Snow she realized that the trees were not in great bloom just yet. They live in St. Charles and use a local park to walk, a park that I have not been to. Yes surprising I know, a park I have not seen yet! I was very excited to meet them at this new location – I love it! A wonderful lake, gazebo, bridge, walking path all enhance the look of these engagement photos. I am very excited Michelle and Steven introduced me to a new location. When I first arrived Michelle quickly realized she forgot her engagement ring. Luckily she lives close so she headed back home to grab it as Steven and I chatted for a bit. We talked about how this exact park was where they had their first date as well as where he proposed to her. A park with great meaning is perfect for a unique engagement session. As we enjoyed the beautiful day I was happy to hear about all the wedding plans. We even discussed their plans for the evening of dinner and a movie. I hope they had a wonderful time together spending time in a special park then heading out to spend more time together. It’s great to hear they are able to relax together during all of this wedding planning.

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