New BC member

November 22, 2019

It is super exciting when we have new clients join the birthday club. Especially when they start with the newborn session because then we have the opportunity to watch the children grow up. The birthday club includes 16 sessions so no matter when you want to it’s great to become a member of the club because you will be saving on session fees. Casey contacted us through Facebook to get more information about our sessions and the birthday club. She decided the club was the best deal so quickly made an appointment for a newborn session, Matthew was 5 weeks old already so we were able to get a session time quickly. Often when a newborn is more than a few weeks they are less likely to do those typical newborn poses. Well….Matthew was the exception to this rule, he was just wonderful. We started off with some family poses, getting more than usually because Matthew just slept the whole time. Then we moved on to some photos of him by himself, of course, just like any other baby he wanted to have a break with mommy. However after a small meal, he was ready to go! We were able to get photo after photo in various poses because Matthew settled so quickly into the next setting. Casey, although a new mom, knew so much helpful information about Matthew. He wasn’t a fan of being swaddled, he prefers his belly over his back and he often breathes out of his mouth. This was wonderful because we worked with this by posing him on his belly a few times and capturing some images with his mouth open because that is really how mom and dad see him every day. Moving forward we are so excited to watch Matthew grow, seeing milestones of sitting up, walking and then talking – Welcome to the birthday club!

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