Newborn Dakota

January 4, 2020

Danielle has been a client of the studio for many years. We enjoyed photographing her oldest daughter when she was born, we did some park photo and she even came in for our spring sessions with animals. Danielle knew that when her second child was born she was going to call us right away. I got her call as soon as she got home from the hospital and then we set up a newborn session a few days later. Being a new mom gets everyone a bit out of sorts, it doesn’t matter if it is the first or tenth time. There is always a period of adjustment when you bring the new baby home. Danielle and her daughter Dallas seem to be adjusting very well. Dallas loves to be a big sister and often helps get things done for mom. During the session Dallas was very good at listening to directions while taking photos with her sister. But of course as with all two year olds they can only listen for so long which is why we try to start with family photos first. This way the siblings can just play and relax during the rest of the session. While Dallas played with grandma in the lobby we were able to get some wonderful photos of Dakota. When Danielle set up the appointment she said that Dakota is usually very sleepy during the day, of course that keeps her up a bunch at night. However Dakota wanted to take in every part of this wonderful photo shoot. She stayed awake for most of the session but then after a few poses gave up and just went to sleep. That gives mom the best of both types of newborn photos. It was a pleasure working with this family again and I’m sure we will see everyone soon.

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