Newborn Sara

July 7, 2017

Newborn photos are important and many people are tempted to go with the least expensive photographer they can find because they only want a few pictures or because they feel that most photographers are too expensive in general. But picking the photographer with the lowest rates won’t always guarantee the most beautiful results. Don’t get me wrong, everyone starts somewhere! But I want clients to consider a few things as they choose who will be handling and photographing their precious new addition. There are so many things that are taken into consideration when photographers set their pricing, but here are a few things that come into play: education, training, equipment, equipment insurance, business licenses, taxes, travel expenses, editing time, software, hardware, etc., etc. All of these things add up to our cost of doing business. This makes newborn photography an investment not only financially, but personally. When you choose a newborn photographer, you are trusting them with your newborn. You are trusting them to provide you with a positive experience and beautiful images of your baby. You are investing in THEM.
I am honored when someone invests in me, especially when they are friends that wouldn’t even consider looking for someone else. They know the time and talent I have put forth in my photography over the past 20 years. I saw Leigh Anne toward the end of her pregnancy and she said “when this little one arrives I will contact you for family photos”. Of course she did! I was excited to meet the third girl they welcomed into their family. The sisters were very helpful during the session making it fun to see how much they loved their new sister. Megan was watching out for everyone, Elizabeth sorta thought she had a new doll and Sara was taking all the attention in stride. After some family photos we were able to get lots of newborn images of Sara to debut her arrival. These are memories the family will have forever, the fact that my images will help them remember makes me happier then they could ever imagine.
Thanks for investing in me!

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