When you go to a “mall photographer” or some place that takes multiple sessions per hour you never know what to expect. The kids in the session room next door could be crying which will distract your kids. Or the toys in the waiting room are too good to give up after being in there for over an hour waiting that your kids melt down when it’s their turn for photos. These are horror stories that we want everyone to know don’t happen at Ravetta Photography. We set up appointments with only one family at a time. You will receive our full attention, an assistant to the photographer is available for session with young children to keep them entertained or in the correct area. When this wonderful family arrived they didn’t know what to expect since their prior photography experiences were less than great. The first thing they noticed is when they arrived it was quiet and they had the whole studio to themselves. We had plenty of time to change clothing during the session, do multiple poses of the kids together and individually. All this going on without hearing distracting noises from the other room. Even after the first few photos they mentioned it was already a 100% better session then they had ever had. We don’t only provide a quality product – we provide a quality experience from start to finish. From talking on the phone about what you are looking for in your session to a relaxed session all the way to the end product to hang on your wall, Ravetta Photography is just what you need. Now having some amazing children to work with doesn’t hurt the session either. These three kids were so excited for pictures that they did exactly what was needed to make the perfect photo. They had patience when waiting for their single photos but also enjoyed taking photos together. Such a great session that it will be hard for mom and dad to pick their favorite photos!

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