Otie 3 Year

January 30, 2018

Otie has grown so much in the past year. I see him from time to time over the year when he plays with my sons, but being a mommy makes it harder to get together as often as we like. Also there is always so much going on it’s never one on one with Otie. I remember last year we were chasing him around the studio trying to get him to stay in one spot for a 2 year photo. But this year was totally different! We went to the Jewel box just in case we needed the room to run. Otie was a perfect gentleman, he listened to every direction we asked him to do. Mom and dad came prepared with some words and phrased that would make him laugh. It’s great when parents know exactly what makes the kids smile. Sometimes it’s best to even have a few options of smile tricks. Kids getting bored quickly so having other options is perfect. However if something is working just roll with it until it doesn’t work anymore. Otie’s special phrases were about bowling, a new found interest, and line from a song in 2011 by LMFAO “I work out” Anyone…take a guess? It was so cute to see the smile on his face each time he flexed his muscles. These moments are exactly why we put together the birthday club. We get to see families each year, how much they grow, what they love now and what they still love from last year. With a total of 16 sessions over 12 years how can you not join the club for only $200!! What – yes only $200 for 16 sessions! A perfect shower gift for an expectant mother. Give us a call if you have any questions about our birthday club.

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