Princess Devin

July 25, 2017

Getting a session in before rain is always a joy, or maybe working through the rain while it is happening during the session. Either way when we get great photos it is amazing. We started a 2 year session for Devin with some family photos because everyone was ready to smile and do a great job. Quickly we moved to a few photos with her brother so he could go play with dad on the playground while mom and I finished with Devin’s photos. As soon as Devin changed her dress it started raining. We were able to find some tree cover and set up the photos that mom wanted. Princess dresses and reading princess books! It actually worked out great under the trees with a wooded feel and we all stayed dry. Devin was having such a great time playing in her dress, she danced around enjoying the park after the rain stopped. She picked out the dress all by herself! Devin was so proud to be a big girl – it showed in her photos. Danielle is never short on ideas for sessions with her kids. However over the years we have both learned to pick a few favorites and make those perfect. Trying to change clothes 10 times and set up a bunch of different sets doesn’t always work with the kids…or the weather. We perfectly captured the princess look while also getting some great 2 year old photos. Watching the personally come out is always fun, even during these mini sessions we are able to get so many great images. We work fast and it might seem like it happened quickly but that’s the best way to be when working with kids. It’s over before they know what’s happening with happy photos for everyone to enjoy forever!

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