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Porch Session

Mini sessions are the best way to grab a couple photos of your family. When you have older kids who will following directions and do everything jus…

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new baby

Sister Soon

This adorable little family has had us take many pictures for them over the past few years. We started off with a maternity session before their fi…

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faust park

Family fun

We know that our clients are very busy and often photos tend skip their mind. We don’t hear from them in a while, however we know our clients are l…

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she said yes

Kim and Grant

We loved doing fall sessions but book them fairly far in advance. Kim and Grant knew they wanted some fall colors in their engagement photos so the…

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the kids

Family in Fall

Every day on social media we see people asking for suggestions on a photographer. We often respond to these suggesting our studio in the hopes that…

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fall session

Family Session Windy Day

Each month at our studio we have a special, whether it be a spring special with animals or a holiday themed set. Possibly even something random tha…

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Katie and Adam

Katie was very excited to work with us for an engagement session. She and Adam both had some ideas of locations but the key was narrowing it down a…

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Fall Family

We find that often our birthday club family members have multiple children which means we get to see them more than once a year. During that first …

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fall trees

Better late then never

This year, despite everything going on, has seemed to fly by which is why it’s no surprise when we hear from clients that meant to get a session th…

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Candid Family

We’ve all had our struggles throughout this crazy year and we are thankful for each of our clients, especially loyal clients, like this little fami…

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in park

Get it done!

The Birthday Club allows us to see this beautiful family multiple times a year! We enjoy catching up and getting the opportunity to capture the imp…

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Birthday Boy

Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support. When we meet a client we hope to gain that feeling of support from them as we photograph the mil…

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fall session

Baby Brother

In the weeks before Easter we have spring sessions at our office. Each year we have an animal and this past spring it was supposed to be a baby lam…

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Family Fun

We have mentioned our charity giving a session for location auctions, trivia nights and other events for those organizations that support us. Our s…

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studio maternity

Baby coming soon

Each day as we work in the studio we work through our sessions and wonder what new sessions will contact us. The phone rings and we are happy to ta…

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Matt is One

Matthew is one and that’s so exciting. It’s not often we get to do a birthday session on a birthday club members actual birthday. When mom contacte…

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masked family

Mask it up

Birthday club session with great kids are wonderful! With everything going on we are trying to keep some distance between us and the clients when w…

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There are times we photograph a family or child every few months. They could be members of our birthday club or perhaps like to take advantage of t…

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long veil

Abby and Nick

Weddings have been much different this year. They either have a smaller amount of people due to regulations, downsized to just a quick ceremony wit…

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Family at home

Birthday club sessions are fun and we enjoy catching up with our families. With everything gone on we got a bit behind on scheduling this wonderful…

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include everyone

Hot Summer Session

I have been talking about scheduling a family photo with these wonderful people for awhile. We photographed their wedding and have been capturing s…

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getting big

Summer Girl

Birthday club members are fun for us because we get to see the children grow. At times parents are looking for something a bit different to do duri…

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walking together

One year birthday club

Have you ever wanted your photographer to come to your house? We can do that for you! Getting ready is so stressful that when we come to your house…

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Kelly and Adam

Kelly scheduled an engagement session for her and Adam a few weeks out so that she could prepare, but of course we can never prepare for rain! The …

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in the woods

Oh James!

Oh James, you have grown so much. You surely know exactly what you want and keep everyone around you on the chase…literally! From the moment this w…

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park photos

Trish and Dan Wedding

Weddings this spring and summer are looking a bit different than normal in some ways. However they are still a wonderful celebration of marriage be…

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little girl

Flower Girl

Kids grow and change so quickly, perhaps the fact that we have recently been ordered to slow our lives down gave some families a moment to realize …

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Courtney and Jonathan

Weddings schedule so far in advance that there is no way of knowing what type of weather the day will bring, but most couples just have plans for a…

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Missy and Tony

Missy contacted us by email during the stay at home order. She was looking for a photographer that would fit for a wedding in November. Her email r…

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in the park

All Smiles

A small local company like us really enjoys working with clients we have worked with before. Our relationship could be just one other session or it…

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together in park

Growing Siblings

Park sessions in the spring are a breath of fresh air because after being stuck inside all winter it is nice to get out and have fun with clients i…

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jefferson barracks

Jenna and Joe

Jenna and I started an email thread about setting up an engagement session and little did we know how many times we would be emailing back and fort…

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in the park together

Trish and Dan

Trish and Dan visited the office looking for a wedding photographer. We had a great conversation during the consult meeting. They were moving alon…

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St. Louis Photographer

Session Step by Step

Here at Ravetta Photography we try to make everything as easygoing as possible. That doesn’t go to say we can’t still have fun during each of our s…

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Senior Session Information

Here at Ravetta Photography we work to make your entire experience with us as fun and easygoing as possible! It is important to us to build an ongo…

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studio front

The History of Us

Since we have a bit of time on our hands we thought it would be a great idea to tell you how we got started. Ravetta Photography has been in busine…

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baby in basket

Starting a family

We got the call…a baby was born! I may not remember what I ate for lunch but I totally remember my wedding couples. When they call to say they have…

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what do you want

Evolution of photography

A well thought out article by a fellow photographer to help inform the current generation of the importance of printed photographs.
People are taki…

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winter wedding

Lauren and Michael

Sometimes when I meet a couple I just know we will be a good fit as their wedding photographer. Lauren and Michael came into the studio to review o…

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st louis wedding

Darci and Ian

Darci and Ian planned a February wedding with no idea what the weather would have in store. We discussed options for photo locations. Luckily they …

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winter wedding

Michelle and Steven

Michelle and Steven met us at a bridal show. They were searching for vendors to help out with their day. After a brief meeting during the show they…

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winter photos

Jessica and Bill

I would say if it was going to rain on anyone’s wedding day Jessica and Bill were really relaxed about it. Honestly what can anyone do about it, no…

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family together

When in town

When a studio has been around as long as us we often realize that people enjoy seeing a gift certificate from Ravetta’s whenever they are at an eve…

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Allyson and Alex

Couples planning a wedding have many tasks to complete and decisions to make. This can often become overwhelming, however we meet with some couples…

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wonderful moments

Taylor and Josh

When I hear about people I know getting engaged I am always hopeful they will call the office to talk about wedding photography. Most people do bec…

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studio session

Newborn Dakota

Danielle has been a client of the studio for many years. We enjoyed photographing her oldest daughter when she was born, we did some park photo and…

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