Extraordinary St. Louis Photographer

bride and groom

Jessica and Shawn

I met Jessica because she worked at a chiropractor office for many years. She was the happy receptionist that greeted you when you walked in! We ch…

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zoo wedding

Haley and David

Haley has had pictures taken with our studio before when she was younger. Her family brought her in and we got to know them very well. So when her …

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very happy

Session at home

We are a family owned studio that takes pride in the client relationships we create over the years. Each year we do weddings on the weekends provid…

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they just did this

After the rain

When we have a day filled with park sessions and we wake up to rain it’s not a great feeling. We never know how the client will feel about heading …

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cool guy

Cool dude!

Let’s be honest…sometimes it is a beautiful day and everyone is excited to get outside for their portrait session. Other days it is raining and it …

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awake and ready

Baby Girl

Don’t ever miss those precious newborn moments. After you deliver in the hospital they come in to talk to you about newborn photos while you are th…

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a walk together

Suzanne and Joe

Engagement sessions are great to get to know us, as well as us getting to know you. We can do a location session with multiple clothing changes out…

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stanley cup champs

Baby Gordon

Becoming a parent can be a tough task, but once it happens you wouldn’t change it for anything. From day one it’s an amazing adventure! Children do…

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pink bows

Summer session

Scheduling far in advance could really pay off with a beautiful day or it could rain and then all that planning needs to be moved. This family got …

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summer session

Jonah is One

One year sessions of our birthday club members are the best! After a newborn, 4 month, 8 month session we meet up again with the birthday club memb…

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in the park

Gwen and Adam

Gwen and Adam are just amazing to work with and I had such a great time at the wedding. When they got engaged I knew early on because I’m friends w…

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ravetta wedding

Danielle and Martin

Danielle and Martin were so much fun during their engagement session that we knew the wedding would be amazing. Another thing that amazes us is tha…

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surprise engagement

Nijel and Asia

Nijel called the studio because he was going to be in St. Louis and wanted to set up an appointment to do a photo session while he proposed to his …

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kiss under arch

Krista and Jeff

Krista and Jeff have been planning their wedding for a bit and everything seemed to be going smoothly. They had a date, venue and most important th…

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golf course

Valerie and Corey

Meeting Valerie and Corey was such a great experience that we were really hoping we would have the opportunity to photograph their wedding. We met …

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park photos

Michelle and Steven

Michelle selected a date for an engagement session a while ago. She knew that her and Steven wanted an outdoor session so we picked a date and hope…

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Libby and Brian

Libby was planning a wedding from Kansas City but luckily her sister had gotten married a few years ago. However, Libby and Brian were looking to m…

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spring session

Kate and Kevin

Kate called us prior to having an official wedding date selected. She knew she had it narrowed down to a few options but wanted to make sure that w…

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Shawn and Amanda

Shawn heard about our studio from someone at work that had a great experience so he had to give us a call to discuss his photography needs. His gir…

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great engagement photos

Ana and David

Ana contacted the studio looking for a unique element to her engagement photos. There was going to be an engagement party for her and David so she …

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great smile

James is 1

On a rainy Saturday afternoon we headed to see James. He is turning one soon and is a member of our birthday club. This means we get to see him a c…

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baby images

Baby Christian

After the maternity session a few weeks ago Caitlyn talked about picking a date for her newborn session. Since she has been working with us for man…

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4 month

Charlie and his friend Snoopy

Megan called because she had gotten a gift certificate from a friend. Her friend knew that she wanted family photos and since they had won a gift a…

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Spring Sessions

Spring Bunny Sessions

On February 2nd Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2019. We are pretty sure he got that wrong considering we have been battling snow a…

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Year after year my parents would take photos of my sister and I, we were often the test subjects for a new set or prop. I cherish those photos beca…

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what do you want

Evolution of photography

A well thought out article by a fellow photographer to help inform the current generation of the importance of printed photographs.
People are ta…

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birthday session

Jackson is One

Wedding photos to newborn photos to a big one year old it has been a pleasure working with Jennifer and Brian. We have watched this family grow and…

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window light

Baby Jack

Creating a relationship with our clients is one of our strong qualities. We may meet a client to do wedding photos, then continue the relationship …

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pretend it's sunny

Katie and Jordan

Katie contacted us because she was going to be in St. Louis meeting up with her fiancé, Jordan. They currently live in different states and use St….

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newborn baby

Sweet Newborn

Newborn sessions are some of my favorite sessions that we do at the studio. However they are also some of the most difficult. There are many factor…

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december wedding

Jennifer and Matt

Jennifer and Matt were putting a wedding together quickly, or at least they thought it was quick. However we have worked with other couples that pl…

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holiday photos

Family Photos

On a day in December when the weather was in the low 50’s we gathered with a family at their house. Everyone was together in St. Louis for the holi…

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The boys

We have said it many, many times before but if the opportunity ever comes up to take photos make sure you don’t miss it. A quick phone call doesn’t…

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botanical garden

Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason were a pleasure to meet when we sat down to discuss wedding plans. Sarah has been familiar with our quality work for many years. St…

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in love

Allyson and Alex

Allyson visited our booth at a bridal show, although she knew she wanted to work with us for the wedding as soon as she started planning. It was gr…

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forest park

Katherine and John

We got a call from Katherine’s mom because we had done senior photos for her and now she was engaged! It was very exciting so they wanted to do som…

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blue and white

Big Brother, Big Sister

We love to watch our families grow. We started working with Jenny and Kevin at their wedding. Then the welcomed twins about 3 years ago and we have…

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fall session

Running in the park

Tracie and Matt have been clients for years. But it seems like the years are going by faster and faster. We did their wedding, got a call to do new…

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fun in the park

Fall Session

I love to get calls from people that got our donated gift certificate at a local school or auction. This is a great way for us to meet new people a…

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forest park

Family in St. Louis

Rhonda called our office one day in a panic because she had been looking for photographer and was not having any success. Her whole family was goin…

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forest park

Anthony and Meghan

Anthony and Meghan knew they were meant for each other! After they were engaged we got a call from a family member that wanted to gift them engagem…

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fluffy baby

Baby Xena

Newborn photos are part of our birthday club which is great because this is an important moment to capture.  If this is the first child or another …

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photographer family

Family before the rain

Katie and Matt used our services when they got married. Now it was time for some family portraits so of course they would contact us. We went back …

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Lizzie and Vineet

Another fabulous day in St. Louis! Another beautiful wedding awaits.

We met the bride Lizzie at the Seasons Salon and Spa. The place has a bea…

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st louis wedding

Katie and Tony

Wedding planning can be a big task, very overwhelming for many people. I have known Katie and Tony for a few years and when I heard they were engag…

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walking now

Dallas is One

It is time to do one year photos for Dallas! We did photos when she was born and then had the pleasure of photographing Danielle and Dane’s wedding…

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worlds fail

Kristin and Tim

After working with Kristin and Tim during their engagement session I was very excited for their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a great day!…

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photographer wedding

Lauren and Andrew

When a wedding is planning so far in advance it is a guess as to what the weather will be, especially around here. It could be 40 degrees in Septem…

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in memory

Kayla and Kyle

Photographing a wedding is always fun, but there’s something extra special when you get to photograph one for a family member! When my cousin Kyle …

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evening photos

Lauren and Chris

Lauren knew exactly where to go when searching for a wedding photographer. We did one of her sister’s weddings and she loved everything so we were …

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wedding photos

Anna and Austin

Here we are again with another family we have been working with for years. That is just the best feeling when your photography skills are trusted s…

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perfect dip

Sara and Kevin

On the last Saturday in September, we were in for a treat from mother nature. The day was perfect for a wedding. An outdoor wedding was planned f…

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beach session

Jessica and Shawn

Jessica started looking for a photographer all over the place. Attending bridal shows, online research, asking friends. As the process got overwhel…

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photographer st louis

Laci and Will

Laci contacted us because she was looking for an engagement session that was not included in a wedding package. The photographers she contacted wan…

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Jessica and Edlyn

On a beautiful day in September, we were looking forward to spending some time outside to photograph Jessica and Edlyn in their most precious time …

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fall wedding

Amanda and Christina

Amanda and Christina knew they wanted to get married on national teddy bear day because it was an important date to the two of them. Also they call…

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through the hole

Corey and Val

Corey and Val were searching for a wedding photographer. They attended many wedding shows in hopes they would find someone that they could see them…

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through the gate

Marissa and Josh

Marissa got our name from someone at her church. This particular church photographs very dark and she was concerned that it would make for bad wedd…

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that smile

Growing James

Our birthday club is an amazing deal for anyone. We start a relationship with your family from newborn photos and continue until your children are …

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dip it

Samantha and Michael

Samantha went to a wedding show looking for vendors for her wedding. She and Michael are very busy with their kids so they relied on family to help…

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family fun

Summer Family Photos

We couldn’t have found a more beautiful evening for family photos. When Lynn set up her appointment awhile back we discussed how August could be ho…

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wedding summer

Jessica and Sam

Jessica and Sam were such a fun couple to work with throughout the whole wedding process. They knew about our services because she went to high sch…

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stl wedding

Melissa and Landon

Patti came in to visit our studio looking for a wedding photographer for her daughter. She wanted to get some leg work done for her because Melissa…

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newborn photos

Baby Lewis

And our family just keeps on growing! I was so excited when my cousin Sam and her husband Ryan, who’s wedding we photographed a couple of years ago…

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farmers market

Unique Executive Session

One thing that never gets old with being a photographer is the fun variety of places we get to photograph sessions. It is always exciting when we …

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friends for life

Baby Frankie

A long time ago in a high school not so far away I met Kate. We quickly became friends and spent the rest of our high school years attending partie…

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they just did this

Lizzy and Brendan

Lizzy wanted a photographer that would be relaxed on the wedding day, help with the best time schedule and capture special moments. We fit that des…

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wedding photos

Rochelle and Josue

Rochelle contacted us about her July wedding and we were happy to help. She was getting married in a small chapel in Labadie, MO with a reception f…

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Julie and Zach

Julie and her mom Joan visited our studio to talk about wedding information. Julie attended a high school that we photograph so we did her senior p…

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stl photographer

Getting so big

Parents see their kids each day and I know they from time to time notice how much they have grown. But it is much more obvious from our perspective…

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