Sara and Kevin

November 1, 2018

On the last Saturday in September, we were in for a treat from mother nature. The day was perfect for a wedding. An outdoor wedding was planned for the bride and groom.

We met the bride, Sara, and her bridesmaids at the Escape Salon and Spa in Edwardsville, Il. We were surprised to see how the stylist accomplished the job of getting most of the bridesmaids completer and ready for the photos of the bride getting ready.

One of the flower girls, Gracie, was especially interested in Sara’s make-up application. The stylist allowed her to sit close to get a great view. The photos of this moment in time will probably be some of their favorites.

The bride’s mother, Mary, made sure everyone was fed with a supply of Jimmy John’s and other various treats. Gracie made sure everyone knew she didn’t like pickles! She sure s a cutie!!!

After leaving the bride in good hands, we headed to Hidden Lake Winery to meet Kevin and his groomsmen. They were getting dressed in one of the fabulous cabins Hidden Lake has to offer. They were busy with pizza that his father brought and cookies that her father, Stu, baked. At least that’s what he tried to tell me. We knew we were in for a good time with Stu!

When everyone was ready, Sara and Kevin met for a “First Look”. They, along with with bridal party, Kevin’s son Dean. and parents spent some time posing for wedding portraits and enjoying the beautiful day.

The ceremony was outdoors in front of the lake and fountain. The vows were original to the couple and included a vow from Sara to Dean. Dean was really happy that his new Bonus Mom included him. “Bonus Mom”, I love that!

As the guest entered the reception room, I am sure they were amazed at the effort that went into the decorations. The bar, the staircase, the tables,, the presentation of the childhood photos of the couple…were all simply outstanding.
However, the feature most guests were interested in was the Candy Bar.

This is going to sound like a fairytale, but there were cookies, cake pops, cheesecakes, chocolate covered strawberries and pineapples, Chocolate covered pretzels and hand-dipped turtles the size of your palm filled the display. The wedding cakes and an assortment of cupcakes decorated the other side of the room, along with a special cake for their son, that all three of them cut together.

After dinner was served, the couple and guests danced to the music of Vote 4 Pedro. If you need a band, look into this spectacular band. They kept the dance floor filled and the party going.

So what happens after you use up all that energy? Of course, you eat again. Pizza and wings were provided for the not so hungry guests.

We wish the new family, Sara, Kevin and Dean all the happiness a new family could possibly want. Also, we would want to extend a special Thank You to the parents on both sides, who treated us like family!

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