Sara and Kevin

September 1, 2017

Kevin called the office about a month ago saying he was getting married and wanted to set up a time to bring his fiancé Sara in to talk with us. He is related to us by marriage but has also had us do some photography work for him in the past. His son Dean has enjoyed coming in for photos with our live animals in the spring. When Sara arrived we instantly hit it off. “I knew you two would get along” Kevin said as he and his son Dean just sat back while Sara and I talked details. We were able to pick a date for the engagement photos that worked around Dean being included as well. It was important to the couple that he had a special part in all the wedding planning. As the heat rose higher and higher they were concerned about a session at the park. Sara knew she would look hot “I also get angry when I am hot, and nobody wants that” she joked. However it didn’t work out for us to reschedule so we hoped for the best – we got a perfect day! Everyone was so excited that we were able to get lots of photos in all the outfits. Dean really was having fun during the session so while the couple was changing I took photos of just him. We also did a few photo bombs! Talking about the wedding plans everything seems to be moving along nicely. Hopefully they continue this way because this couple (or any other couple) doesn’t need to deal with unexpected hiccups in wedding planning. I am really looking forward to their wedding because I know they will be surrounded by love. The love for each other and the new family joining together.

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