Sarah and Jason

January 24, 2019

Sarah and Jason were a pleasure to meet when we sat down to discuss wedding plans. Sarah has been familiar with our quality work for many years. Starting with senior photos and then her sister’s wedding we feel like we are part of the family. It also seems like we see her parents at numerous weddings we photograph. It’s always great to catch up! This time it was nice to get to know Jason since it’s the first time we have ever met. We talked about the schedule and some photo ideas for the wedding but first to get the engagement session scheduled. We picked a date around Thanksgiving since everyone was available with Botanical Gardens as the location. The day before it rained all day but on the day they were scheduled it was wonderful. The garden gave us lots of options to not have to sit in the wet grass. We all forgot that it would be decorated for Christmas but the farther back in the garden we went it became less crowded with less decorations.  They were happy to take some posing direction but as we got going they fell into the poses very easily. It’s always a bit strange at first with couple because they feel strange with people watching them having photos taken when they are not sure what to do. However as soon as they realize that I’m there to fix the small things making them look their best everyone relaxes. Sarah and Jason were surprised by the people watching them but after a bit they ignored it making the photos more natural as they looked at each other. We are looking forward to working with them again for the wedding. I know they will be relaxed ready for a day of photos!

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