Sarah and Ryan

July 5, 2018

Sarah and Ryan had a wonderful wedding day. When we were talking about the details we knew there was no rain in the forecast, everyone knew what time to be where and there was time planning in for relaxing at a nearby bar! When we arrived the girls were busy with hair and makeup but eager to get done so they could be ready for photos. We took the time to take great images of the dresses, jewelry and girls hanging out together. As soon as everyone was ready we looked out the window…rain was coming! A silly little pop up storm to damper our photo time. Despite an interesting run into the church Sarah was all smiles as she walked down the isle to Ryan. The rain stopped during the ceremony which gave the guest the opportunity to do a bubble send off for the couple. I’m sure everyone was happy to stay dry since they all got a bit wet coming into the ceremony. We had plenty of time afterward to do family photos right outside the church. We were taking advantage of the nice sunny skies now that we had them. The Newtown chapel has a bunch of spots nearby for photos so we just walked to our next locations with the wedding party. We love that the sun came out but it made it super hard for people not to squint. We tried a few 1-2-3 tricks but after awhile it was still too much so we decided to move on to our next location. Sticking in St. Charles we went to an area near the riverfront, found some shade and took a bunch of great photos in a short amount of time. Sarah and Ryan wanted a chance to relax with everyone. That was perfect because we headed to the reception venue to get photos of all the details. Sarah really had it all figured out with such wonderful decorations, or maybe it was Ryan who picked the décor…probably Sarah. Photos with guest during cocktail hour led us into a wonderful reception with Push the Limit band commanding the dance floor getting everyone out to dance. The night was completed by glow sticks and s’mores! The rain didn’t put a damper on these two as they enjoyed every minute of their wedding day. Thanks for letting us be a part of everything.

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