Sarah and Ryan

May 3, 2018

Sarah and Ryan were such fun to work with at their engagement session. We usually have a very busy spring schedule so Sarah wanted to be sure and get an appointment early. So we pick a date and location not knowing what the weather would be when that date arrived. With weeks of rain and cold we were all wishing for a break…we got it! Their session date was such a beautiful day making them relaxed and ready for a great time. After being in the sun for a bit it almost seemed hot, we are just not ready to go from 30 degrees to 80 degrees overnight. St. Charles main street is a nice place for photos because there are many, many spots to take photos. There is a bathroom to change clothing which is not always possible at park sessions. It has the best of everything with trees, the river, cobblestone streets and cute little shops. Sarah even told me about a family ice cream shop that was once located on main street, so much history! The wedding planning was busy at first but has now slowed down a bit since everything is taken care of up to this point. They can now just enjoy the last two months of being engaged! Oh except for those programs that seem to have been forgotten until now. Sarah was having a great time during the session talking about the wedding, family and giving me tips on shoes. Ryan seems like a quiet guy but his jokes and “blue steel” faces that get Sarah to laugh are just amazing. The wind blowing her hair all over the place was a bit of a challenge however when it was going in the right direction is was just perfect. I know the wedding day is going to be fun because the interactions between Sarah and Ryan are so fun to capture – there will be tons of amazing photos on the wedding day.

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