Session at home

September 26, 2019

We are a family owned studio that takes pride in the client relationships we create over the years. Each year we do weddings on the weekends providing wonderful memories as two people start their lives together. As a thank you for having us there to capture the wedding photos we provide a gift certificate for their first born. We would like to continue the relationship for years to come. This gift does not have an expiration date because we know each couple has different thoughts on when they want to start a family. Amanda and Frank have been married a few years so when he called us to let us know Stella was turning 1 we were very excited for them. At Ravetta photography we are thankful our wedding clients think of us when it is time to capture those special milestones in their families. Amanda and Frank wanted to make sure that we were there to create some memories of this great occasion. To make the session a little more personal they opted to have us come out to their house, which by the way was just wonderful. They had so many beautiful areas outside to do photos, Stella’s room decorations photographed perfectly and some family photos all cozy on the bed turned out wonderfully. The first few photos Stella was not so sure what was happening but when she warmed up to the idea of taking photos we couldn’t get her to stop smiling. It was really great to work in her environment because she felt comfortable. We even got a very cute photo of Stella “talking” to her elephant, what a great moment. We were so happy to have the pleasure of working with this family and hoping to see them again soon.

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