Shawn and Amanda

May 8, 2019

Shawn heard about our studio from someone at work that had a great experience so he had to give us a call to discuss his photography needs. His girlfriend was visiting her family in St. Louis, she lives in Chicago. Shawn was planning on leaving the morning after her to come down to St. Louis and surprise Amanda. Why…because he was going to propose!!!! He wanted to make sure that the special moment was capture which is why he contacted us. From our very first conversation I helped him think of a great location, some rain back up options, the best place to stand the signals for when she was getting close and everything down to the very last detail of the moment…or so we thought! So Shawn and I got to the garden early to pick the location. There were about three options previously discussed however it had rained the whole day before so we needed to make sure we were using a path. Both Shawn and I liked the look of a few blooming trees so we made sure to get a good angle with those in the background. The moment came and he got a text from a family member that Amanda was entering the garden. She walked around the corner, saw him and I was able to capture her surprised look as she walked over to him. The walked on the path for a second and then as he got into position a tram came by full of people, no big deal – right? Well of course that tram stopped right behind them to let people out…of course it did, the one thing we didn’t think about when planning all the details. Shawn really loved the location that we had selected so he decided to wait it out until the tram moved. Amanda and Shawn loved that they now have this great story about how they got engaged in Botanical Gardens. I was so lucky to meet these two to capture this and I wish them the greatest happiness!

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