Silly Girls

January 30, 2018

Ana called hoping to get in a session before the holidays…of course we can do that! We are happy to find a time for our clients to get in for photos with enough time to have them selected and printed for holiday gifts. The weather quickly went from 70 degrees to 30 degrees and windy! Luckily we have a great place in Forest Park to do photos, the Jewel Box. The family had not been inside the Jewel Box so we knew this would be a great new place for them to have photos. Sometimes during the winter we run out of places to do indoor photos so if a client hasn’t been somewhere before that is a bonus! Ana was hoping to get some family photos, individuals of her girls and also some of the girls together. No problem, we were able to get it all done. We even took a nice photo of Ana and Adam, they take one each year which is very special. The girls will really treasure the photos of their parents together. It was a nice quiet day at the Jewel Box which was helpful because the girls wanted to do a bit of running around getting out all the silly’s. Since the last appointment they have grown so much, lost some teeth and really gained some lovable personalities. They were fun last time too, but this time since Anabell was 3 she was really into the conversations with us which is fun. I love talking to the kids about their favorite things or asking them how they could possibly eat anything when all their teeth are falling out! Not only does this help the kids to warm up to us, they get a good laugh at how “I just don’t even understand” so they take the time to tell me all about it. Another great session with this family! Looking forward to something different during a spring session, so many options in St. Louis when it’s warm outside.

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