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Kelly and Adam

August 12, 2020

Kelly scheduled an engagement session for her and Adam a few weeks out so that she could prepare, but of course we can never prepare for rain! The morning of her session we checked the radar and indeed it was going to rain the whole day. We understand that this happens so we did our best to find a new time that worked with both of their schedules as well as ours. The morning of the session there was a bit of rain forecasted again, but we knew it wasn’t going to stop us this time! It had all moved out of the area before the session. Now we just had to work with the July heat, while praying for a breeze to come through the park.
We met at a small park in the Clayton area so luckily we didn’t have to walk too far to get some very nice spots for photos. Shade was ideal on this warm evening but despite the temperatures Kelly and Adam were really enjoying time together. After we took about 3 photos they said “that might be the most photos we have ever taken together” I bet they didn’t realize how many more we were going to take! When couples come in to talk about wedding photographer we get to know them a bit but are a bit more focused on the wedding plans. During the engagement session I have a fun time really chatting with our couples to learn more about them. Kelly and Adam were no exception, it was a pleasure talking about our time during quarantine! We know that your December wedding will happen as planned and that we will embrace the cold weather. Now they will have the hard task of selecting photos from the many we took at the park during their engagement session. I hope you enjoy having more photos of yourselves together!

Missy and Tony

June 21, 2020

Missy contacted us by email during the stay at home order. She was looking for a photographer that would fit for a wedding in November. Her email read “Your photos online are beautiful, are you available on our wedding date”. A statement like this makes us happy because to be honest at least 80% of choosing a photographer is their personality. Since we had been unable to meet with couples we had no way to show them how wonderfully we would fit as the photographer for their wedding. We are reliant on the photographs we show on our website and socials. In this case Missy found exactly what she was looking for and decided to contact us about package options.
I really like to get a bit of information about the couple when they visit the office but in this case I asked some questions by email and then Missy and I had a great chat over the phone. She and Tony have been together about a year and a half, enjoy being outside and have a dog. They selected Old Stone Chapel in St. Charles for the ceremony and reception. We have been there many times which gave Missy some comfort when selecting us as the photographer. She mentioned she has never planned or had a wedding before so she wanted someone that knew what they were doing. That’s us!!
We decided to quickly get an engagement session scheduled. Since they met in Forest Park and then went to the Zoo it was fun for us to get photos with a few of those elements. I notice with all couples when we start the session they are not exactly sure what to do, but as we move from pose to pose and location to location they start to relax and really show their true personalities. The morning was wonderful allowing us to get many different images that they will enjoy forever. Of course we session was enhanced by some great conversation about jobs, dogs, staying home alone as a child, the current state of grocery shopping and even a quiz on Ninja Turtles! We had such a great time that I’m really excited to see what type of conversations come up at the wedding. Congratulations to Missy and Tony for finding the perfect match for you and we will see you in a few months.

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Jenna and Joe

May 22, 2020

Jenna and I started an email thread about setting up an engagement session and little did we know how many times we would be emailing back and forth. We traded dates a couple times, then had to move because we were not able to operate and Jenna couldn’t find anyone to do her hair and makeup. Then we were on the fence depending on if Joe could get a haircut. Finally we were able to meet and get the session done! I’m glad everything worked out in the end because they really got a wonderful evening to do the photos. We met at the park and I could tell Jenna was excited to get the photos done. I went over some thoughts on where we would be doing photos, types of photos and asked if they had any questions. The only thing they mentioned is they just wanted some nice photos of the two of them together, no need to get crazy with jumping around or silly stuff. That sounded good to me, really Jenna and Joe made the session super easy because they interacted well with each other. Of course all couples need a bit of direction on how to stand or pose but once it was set they handled the rest. They were so happy with the results, but really that was all them making my job easy! A relaxed couple that enjoys spending time together helps make the photos perfect, it captures all the emotions. I knew I had to get the photos ready quickly so they could select images for the save the date cards. I’m sure everyone that gets a card will love the results too since these two are just a great pair. I look forward to photographing the wedding later this year.

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Trish and Dan

May 22, 2020

Trish and Dan visited the office looking for a wedding photographer. We had a great conversation during the consult meeting. They were moving along with wedding plans but still had some things to get done before the June wedding. Trish seemed excited but overwhelmed by the whole planning process. She would not be alone in those feelings, most brides feel that way. Dan said he was doing alright with the planning stage of things but knows on the wedding day it will pass very quickly. He even said that he expects to only get 13 bites of food during dinner. Let’s hope that is not true! They mentioned that they were just beginning the photographer part in planning and hoped to visit a few other photographers. Of course couples want to compare the styles, pricing and personality of a couple options. I let them know I was always available for questions as they reached a decision. My excitement grew when I realized they wanted to work with me for the wedding! I knew it was a good match, now we needed to get the engagement photos scheduled. We had no idea the city would shut down prior to their session nor did we know when it would open back up. However we were able to find a day to work together outside, a beautiful day for us to keep our social distance from one another. We had a great time talking about what they have been up to recently, wedding details and the plan if those details needed to change. I was so happy to see that Trish and Dan had a plan but were not stressing out about if it needed to be put into place. “We are getting married, that is the important part.” Of course they want all the guest to be there but either way they will be getting married. The afternoon was filled with so many great moments of them laughing and interacting with each other. This gets me very excited for the wedding day because those emotions will only get better when they are surrounded by loved ones. Only a month to go!

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Diana and Joel

December 6, 2019

Diana called because she recently got engaged and wanted to take advantage of the fall colors that happened so quickly this year. One day it’s green and the next day all the colors are exploding in the parks. We never know when this will happen but we can take a guess, when it came to the engagement session of Diana and Joel we guessed correctly. We agreed to meet at Castlewood Park because that is where the two of them spend a lot of time hiking or running together. This is also the location that Joel proposed. As we were walking up I got to hear about how the proposal went, it was a very nice story. Diana also mentioned that she remembered us from when we took her senior photos. This is wonderful news because we really take pride in having a studio that has been around over 4 decades. She had a few friends that offered to take some snapshots of them but she knew that this moment was very important to document so she wanted someone professional to get the best photos. I was so happy to work with them on such a wonderful day. We found some spots that were heavily traveled but then also did a few photos off the paths, these are actually my favorite because the scenery is perfect. Of course even though they have walked up these trails often it was a bit different all dressed up and with Diana in heels, we just took things slow getting perfect photos along the rocky trails. Diana and Joel are so sweet together that they will have a hard time picking their favorite photos…too many to narrow it down! They are planning a wedding for this year and already started selecting venues. They will have a beautiful day!

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Suzanne and Joe

August 15, 2019

Engagement sessions are great to get to know us, as well as us getting to know you. We can do a location session with multiple clothing changes out at your favorite spot. Or you can keep it easy using our studio location. Especially on hot days when spending a long time outside is not a good option. Our location has a few things like brick wall and a couple trees. This gives you the look of the outdoor photos but yet close enough to step inside to cool off. That’s exactly what Suzanne and Joe thought would work best for their session. Their wedding is quickly approaching in October so we wanted to be sure to get the engagement photos done soon after we met. Suzanne was familiar with our work because we photographed her sister’s wedding. It’s wonderful to see people coming back to the studio from families we have worked with before – it shows that our quality and service is seen by everyone at the wedding not just the bride and groom.
When they arrived we discussed the clothing options they had brought and what would be best as far as studio backgrounds verses outdoor areas. The one thing they knew for sure is that they wanted to include their hiking sticks in the photos when they did the casual clothing. Suzanne and Joe like to hike in the fall months so they chose some jeans and long sleeve shirts to represent this. Well in the 100 degree weather of July we really had to pretend we were enjoying a nice fall hike! They may have been faking the cool but the surely were not faking the smiles and love for each other. I just kept taking so many photos of them laughing, looking at each other and enjoying the time together. It is going to be such a joy to photograph them on the wedding day when they are surrounded by even more love from family. I feel like they are going to love all the photos from the engagement session, you made it so hard to only take a few photos!

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Nijel and Asia

June 20, 2019

Nijel called the studio because he was going to be in St. Louis and wanted to set up an appointment to do a photo session while he proposed to his girlfriend Asia. We were more than happy to help by sending some photos of nice locations in Forest Park, we talked about the best time of the day after he explained his plans about going to the zoo, then we got everything settled so the moment would be perfect. I always have a great time working with the guys to make sure everything works out – this one went very well. They were walking around the Muny area and Asia had no idea what was about to happen. She we even more surprised when after she said yes Nijel told her to look to her right where I was standing with the camera capturing the shocked expression on her face as she realized the whole thing was just captured. We then spent a bit of time walking around taking photos in the area as the realization set in that they were now engaged! Asia mentioned that she was a bit confused why Nijel was so set on going to the Muny area before they headed to the zoo…makes sense now. It’s funny how all the small details come together after she gets that ring. The questions about the size of her hands, planning a day together complete with a nice dinner, insisting on going to a particular spot in the park at a particular time. All these things alone don’t give it away but once you think about them all together it makes sense that something special was about to happen. I was very excited to be a part of this wonderful moment. Since Nijel and Asia are not from St. Louis the wedding won’t be here but I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Such a wonderful couple, congratulations.

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Krista and Jeff

June 6, 2019

Krista and Jeff have been planning their wedding for a bit and everything seemed to be going smoothly. They had a date, venue and most important they chose Ravetta Photography to capture the day! We set up a time to do engagement photos, of course it rained the whole day so we had to reschedule. Luckily the day we moved to was beautiful , it was so nice to be outside on a sunny day instead of all the rain we had been getting. As we wondered downtown in City Garden, Krista told me about the craziness of what happened to their wedding venue. She was causally talking about the place they picked with a friend and they mentioned that they had heard online it was closing. Krista thought surely she would have gotten notification if that was the case, but she decided to look into it. Indeed they were closing and the couple was left without a wedding venue. This is not the stress that they need to be dealing with while planning a happy event. They were quickly able to secure a new location which put everyone at ease. I’m glad it was all sorted out so they could relax and enjoy time together during the engagement session. We had to make sure to get some photos with the arch while we were downtown, they turned out perfect and I know they will love them. Whenever we start an engagement session it’s always a bit out of the normal for the couple so it takes some time to get used to the directions and having so many photos taken. It’s good practice for the wedding day! Krista and Jeff easily posed together give us many cute expressions. My favorite was when we did a dipping photo and Krista was not so sure Jeff wouldn’t drop her, the laughing between the two was just so natural. It’s those small moments during a session that really make each one unique. We look forward to working with them again on the wedding day.

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Michelle and Steven

May 21, 2019

Michelle selected a date for an engagement session a while ago. She knew that her and Steven wanted an outdoor session so we picked a date and hoped for nice weather. Well, in the middle of two weeks of rain we had one beautiful day for Michelle and Steven. We touched base a few days before the session to pick a spot for the photos. Michelle wanted to be sure to include a rosary in their photos because that is very important to them. We were hoping for a Marian grotto but after Michelle took a bit of time to drive by a grotto at Our Lady of the Snow she realized that the trees were not in great bloom just yet. They live in St. Charles and use a local park to walk, a park that I have not been to. Yes surprising I know, a park I have not seen yet! I was very excited to meet them at this new location – I love it! A wonderful lake, gazebo, bridge, walking path all enhance the look of these engagement photos. I am very excited Michelle and Steven introduced me to a new location. When I first arrived Michelle quickly realized she forgot her engagement ring. Luckily she lives close so she headed back home to grab it as Steven and I chatted for a bit. We talked about how this exact park was where they had their first date as well as where he proposed to her. A park with great meaning is perfect for a unique engagement session. As we enjoyed the beautiful day I was happy to hear about all the wedding plans. We even discussed their plans for the evening of dinner and a movie. I hope they had a wonderful time together spending time in a special park then heading out to spend more time together. It’s great to hear they are able to relax together during all of this wedding planning.

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Kate and Kevin

May 8, 2019

Kate called us prior to having an official wedding date selected. She knew she had it narrowed down to a few options but wanted to make sure that we were going to be available. We had taken the photos at her sister’s wedding – since everything went so smoothly and the whole family was pleased with all of our services they had no question about where to go for a photographer. Kate came in to talk about the package details for the timeline of the wedding, we are always happy to help our couples decide on the best timing of photos on their wedding day. Our packages include an engagement session because it is nice to get to know how a couple interacts, it also gives them an opportunity to have some great photos taken together. Kate and Kevin met at Bar Louie in the Central West End, they lived there for a bit as well. So this area was perfect for their engagement session. Of course we had to get a photo with the sign from the bar and I wanted to know how they actually met. Turns out they work at the same place and have some mutual friends. When they went to Bar Louie it wasn’t really a set up date, it was more of a “hey you should meet this person that worked on a project with me” Of course the friend that introduced them is super happy about the outcome. We are as well because we get to work with these two great people. We walked around the Central West End taking photos along the way, while we chatted about the wedding plans. The weather was so wonderful that it made it very easy to take our time and enjoy every moment. Kate and Kevin decided that after the session they would stick around and have dinner. I’m sure it was just a great day that they got to spend together not worrying about work or any other responsibilities for a while. I’m sure they will love the photos and we look forward to working with them on their wedding day.

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