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Katie and Jordan

February 19, 2019

Katie contacted us because she was going to be in St. Louis meeting up with her fiancé, Jordan. They currently live in different states and use St. Louis as a meeting point. They thought it would be a good idea to document their recent engagement with an outdoor photo session at Tower Grove park. Since they were only in town for a few days we were going to do the session no matter what. It ended up being about 30 degrees and a bit windy on the session date, at least it wasn’t negative degrees outside! We worked quickly during the mini session to make sure we got all photos before noses started to turn red. It was great to hear that Katie found us by doing an online search. We came up as one of the first photographers on the list, great reviews and perfect session options. Lots of time is spent trying to keep us to the top of search engines and this shows that our hard work pays off. It was so great meeting Katie and Jordan because they have such a great story about living apart from each other but knowing that they were meant to be. Spending time in St. Louis doing all the fun tourist stuff as they fall more in love each day. The wedding won’t be here but if they have trouble finding a photographer perhaps we can talk about traveling to them. It would be great working with these two again in a bit better temperature conditions. They still have lots of photos to enjoy and put around their houses as they wait until the next time they can get together. We wish them the best and hope we can take some more photos the next time they visit.

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Sarah and Jason

January 24, 2019

Sarah and Jason were a pleasure to meet when we sat down to discuss wedding plans. Sarah has been familiar with our quality work for many years. Starting with senior photos and then her sister’s wedding we feel like we are part of the family. It also seems like we see her parents at numerous weddings we photograph. It’s always great to catch up! This time it was nice to get to know Jason since it’s the first time we have ever met. We talked about the schedule and some photo ideas for the wedding but first to get the engagement session scheduled. We picked a date around Thanksgiving since everyone was available with Botanical Gardens as the location. The day before it rained all day but on the day they were scheduled it was wonderful. The garden gave us lots of options to not have to sit in the wet grass. We all forgot that it would be decorated for Christmas but the farther back in the garden we went it became less crowded with less decorations.  They were happy to take some posing direction but as we got going they fell into the poses very easily. It’s always a bit strange at first with couple because they feel strange with people watching them having photos taken when they are not sure what to do. However as soon as they realize that I’m there to fix the small things making them look their best everyone relaxes. Sarah and Jason were surprised by the people watching them but after a bit they ignored it making the photos more natural as they looked at each other. We are looking forward to working with them again for the wedding. I know they will be relaxed ready for a day of photos!

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Allyson and Alex

January 2, 2019

Allyson visited our booth at a bridal show, although she knew she wanted to work with us for the wedding as soon as she started planning. It was great to chat with her since the last time we had seen each other was a few years back at her sister’s wedding. We are very excited to work with the family again. With busy schedules it was a few months before she could get into the office to talk about the package details. It was very nice to meet Alex when they came into the office. He had some great thoughts about the wedding photos and I can see how these two fit together so well. Then after a package was selected and we knew an engagement session would be included we got it scheduled right away. There were a few openings the day after Thanksgiving so we picked some location options hoping for nice weather. Well….we got a gross misty rain! Not fun! I was going to be out of the office all day on other sessions so I emailed Allyson early morning to find out if we were a go no matter what or if she wanted to reschedule. We thought the Jewel box in forest park would be nice so we decided to meet anyway. Turns out they are closed the day after Thanksgiving, heads up for anyone that may want to go there. With the rain we needed other options which brought us to the Muny area and the world’s fair pavilion. Despite being a bit cold the spots were perfect – lighting was great, Allyson and Alex were great, just a fun session all around – even with the rain. The wedding is in December so who knows what type of weather we will get but I know that no matter what these two are going to enjoy the day. I look forward to working with them again.

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Katherine and John

January 2, 2019

We got a call from Katherine’s mom because we had done senior photos for her and now she was engaged! It was very exciting so they wanted to do some engagement photos. We selected a date having no idea what the weather would be – we were quickly surprised be winter weather when it had been nice days prior. When I arrived we talked about working quickly because of the cold but at the same time we would have to make sure to get wonderful photos and not look cold. Katherine and John were happy to snuggle up together to stay warm but also giving me those perfect engagement photos. Between shots they put on coats and gloves but of course that didn’t last long because we moved right into the next pose before we all froze. They brought their puppy with them for some photos as well as a friend to do some dog watching when we were not using the puppy in photos. She quickly became the coat holder as well! I was so lucky that Katherine and John posed together perfectly because it would have been much harder and taken longer if they needed a ton of directions in each pose. I did have to mention to John not to hold his hand in a fist like he was cold but that was really about it when it came to correcting the way they posed together. When I originally talked with mom she said that a digital option would be the best so they would have all the photos. I am really happy they decided that because they have too many photos to only pick a few. We talked about the wedding plans which are moving along even though it’s not until spring of 2020. Better to stay on top of all the planning than waiting until the last minute. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them on the wedding day as well! Congratulations.

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Anthony and Meghan

November 30, 2018

Anthony and Meghan knew they were meant for each other! After they were engaged we got a call from a family member that wanted to gift them engagement photos. What a perfect idea! We were able to get them in on a Saturday which turned out to be a beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We met in forest park because it gave us lots of options for the fall color, bridges, rocks, benches and much more. When they arrived I could see they were super excited to have these photos taken. A bit nervous not knowing what to expect but that quickly went away after only a few photos since we clicked instantly they felt comfortable in front of the camera. I did some posed photos but each time I would have them look at one another it was truly magical. They just did all the right things, laughter, sweet kisses, smiles…the list goes on. We talked about how they met and what brought them both to St. Louis since they are not from the area. They are currently in school here but of course taking time to enjoy all the great St. Louis attractions. Meghan and I talked a bit about how it’s nice to dress up and wear heels for photos but it wasn’t really something she normally did, I totally agreed and gave her some props for even attempting it. It would have been great to work with them all day but I had to get to another session and I think I already took too many anyway! Lots of good options for them to view, include on a wedding website and share with family and friends. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Have fun with all the wedding planning!

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Jessica and Shawn

October 25, 2018

Jessica started looking for a photographer all over the place. Attending bridal shows, online research, asking friends. As the process got overwhelming she remembered the was a photographer right under her nose…me! She is the assistant at an office I visit a few times a month so we got to talking. She decided to review the packages we have and realized that we offered a great deal. Of course she wanted to take advantage of the engagement session that is included in the packages. We set aside a time in the fall way in advance. It’s hard for her and Shawn to get away from their 5 kids to find time together for something like an engagement session. Picking a date far in advance allowed them to schedule around it, now we just had to hope for perfect weather. It would have been nice to enjoy a fall evening but the warm temperatures are better than being rained out. We talked about meeting in St. Charles since the wedding would be in that area. However Jessica found a few photos from Creve Coeur Park that she really loved. I knew exactly where the photos were taken so we switched locations. We are super flexible when it comes to our sessions because we want the clients to have what they want when it comes to the location sessions. We eventually found each other because our gps took us to two different locations in the park, but we quickly got working and climbed up into the waterfall. Yep, they wanted to get into nature as much as possible. We went into the woods, walked on paths and even took their shoes off at the end to put feet in the water. I had such a great time working with Jessica and Shawn and I really look forward to working with them for the wedding next year!

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Laci and Will

October 25, 2018

Laci contacted us because she was looking for an engagement session that was not included in a wedding package. The photographers she contacted wanted to book a wedding package first, however she and Will are not getting married in St. Louis. We were more than happy to help them embrace some special locations in St. Louis since they live here but will not have wedding photos here. They were looking to hit some of the spots that showed off St. Louis pride. We started at Busch Stadium, instead of using the statues and things that scream Cardinals we focused more on the brick and areas of Ballpark village that had a few Cardinals things in the background. We knew we were going to hit Kiener plaza and the steps of the court house. These locations had a view of the arch which is exactly what they were wanting to highlight. However Will surprised me with access to the roof of his office building. This is the location that he proposed to Laci. As a photographer you need to be prepared for all types of situations even when you don’t know what the situation will be. I wasn’t expecting to be in the lobby of an office building but it gave us some amazing and unique photos. These are the best moments as a photographer, a new experience that could be a challenge but turns out to be perfect. Not only were the lobby photos great but we then headed up to the rooftop to the room that Will propose to Laci. This had a balcony with a wonderful view of the arch! I don’t think this session could have gone any better and I’m so happy that Laci found us. We were happy to help her and Will capture St. Louis!

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Corey and Val

October 4, 2018

Corey and Val were searching for a wedding photographer. They attended many wedding shows in hopes they would find someone that they could see themselves working with on their special day. We talked during the St. Louis Bride and Groom wedding show downtown and instantly felt like we connected. They felt the same way and decided to come into the office for a more personal consultation. We sat down and talked about the locations, schedule and special details they had planned for the wedding. I won’t reveal those just yet because they are pretty awesome so you will have to wait until after the wedding to see how they have decided to make their day extra special. They have very different work schedules so finding a time for an engagement session might have been difficult but they were excited we had a weekend in September available so they scheduled as soon as they could to hold that spot. It turned out to be a great day, no rain, perhaps a bit hot but we made it. After going back and forth on where to go for photos they decided the botanical gardens was a great spot for them. We met there and walked back to the Japanese garden taking a few photos along the way. It was Corey’s birthday weekend but Val wasn’t giving up any hints on what was planned because Corey didn’t know yet. I’m excited to hear what they did! They were easy to work with, posing together in great ways and doing exactly what was needed to make a perfect photo. They were concerned about squinting in the photos because they tend to do that when they are extra happy however I have worked with many people over the years and know that there are lots of ways get amazing photos. We made sure to stick to the shade as much as possible which helped a bunch but when you are just as happy as these two it’s hard to hide it. Corey and Val have lots of photos to review, I hope I didn’t make it too hard to select their favorites.

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Lauren and Evan

May 31, 2018

With their wedding quickly approaching Lauren wanted to get in some engagement photos. We had been waiting for the weather to warm up. Just a bit warmer would have been nice but going from 40-90 is just madness. Luckily we were down at the arch grounds which has a very nice breeze. The steps, architecture of the nearby buildings and great new landscaping make the arch grounds a fun place to take photos. There is a bunch more walking than other parks and not really any place to change clothing, but the picturesque views are well worth it! Lauren and Evan like the look of a more casual session. Often times it’s hard for a couple to act natural and casual when a camera is pointed at them…not for these two. The interaction was perfect. Nose kisses, some tickles to get a real laugh and glowing smiles when they looked at each other made each photo better than the last. They are going to have a hard time narrowing down! On the wedding day a dipping photo is always a beautiful shot so during the engagement session I try one to see if they might need a bit more practice, wink, wink Well I will say that Lauren and Evan have one of the best dips I have ever seen. They were just so comfortable fulling trusting each other in a very deep romantic dip. I’m looking forward to doing that again on the wedding day. Since we wanted to make the session unique to them after doing some park looking photos we went down to the landing for some stonework and a beer. I left them enjoying each others company and the wonderful day on the patio of Morgan Street Brewery. I really enjoyed the way these two pose together and willingness to get extra creative with me on locations. Wedding day is going to be great!

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Edlyn and Jessica

May 31, 2018

Edlyn and Jessica will be using our services for their wedding in September. Our wedding packages include an engagement session so they wanted to be sure and take advantage of this great offer. They like the look of the botanical gardens so went to scout out a few spots they liked before the session. We have been to the botanical garden many times and know lots of great places for photos. However the garden is so big that it’s not possible to use all locations during one session. Therefore if you have something in mind we encourage you to take a trip to look at areas you like. We are also more than happy to take over, bringing you to the best spots in the garden where the sun hits everything perfectly to get the best lighting during your session. Edlyn and Jessica like the look of unique spots with lines and dimension. So the back of the garden has the most options! It’s a bit of a walk, but totally worth it after they see the amazing photos of their favorite spots. We started our walk there taking a few photos along the way. Turned out to be much hotter that day then expected so Jessica welcomed a change to her dress from the jeans she arrived in. Some of the spots had lots of sun making it a bit hard for them to look at the camera. We did more romantic photos here and then also utilized some shaded areas of the garden. We got a bit carried away walking around taking photos in the garden so we had to finish quickly because they had to get to the reception location to talk about details of the wedding. They are both great to work with which will make the wedding day lots of fun for everyone. We are looking forward to more unique photos of these two in a few months.

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