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When in town

February 12, 2020

When a studio has been around as long as us we often realize that people enjoy seeing a gift certificate from Ravetta’s whenever they are at an event. Of course only the highest bidder will get the opportunity to work with us! Maggie actually received her gift certificate from her mom who attended an event and thought a family photo from Ravetta’s would be perfect for her daughter. We have done photos for Maggie before so this was a perfect gift! She moved to Texas years ago and comes back to St. Louis to visit family from time to time. It worked out perfectly that they were in over the holidays so she scheduled a family photo with us. After recently getting married in Texas her family has grown since the last time she was here. We photographed her two daughters during our spring session, then again at the park. This time she is now part of a family of 7, much more going on than last time. However I will say that even though we had over double the amount of kids everyone was just wonderful. They were all ready for photos, smiled the whole time and did exactly what we told them to do. With all the good behavior we had to reward them with some funny photos at the end! They kids love the opportunity to show off their silly faces. During the session we were actually able to get many different photos and combinations of photos. This was amazing considering we had two 5 year olds, two 6 year olds and a 3 month baby. I really hope they visit with us the next time they are in St. Louis. It’s great to catch up while also getting to know the kids better each time we photograph them. Thanks mom for giving Maggie the wonderful gift of family photos.

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Newborn Baby

December 27, 2019

We photograph a few schools around the area each year. When we are at the schools we meet many children but don’t often get to meet the parents. We try to get the best expression from each child and hope that the family loves the result. Carol called our office after giving birth to her son because we have taken photos at her daughter’s school. She loved the results so thought we would be the best place to call for a newborn session. This was such a delight to hear because when those school families come into the office we get a chance to meet everyone – that’s just a great experience for us. Just like all newborn sessions with family photos as well as sibling images we have to roll with what we are given. We started off with some family poses and big sister did amazing! She stood, smiled and was ready to pose. However after those first few images she thought she was done so we just rolled with it and worked with Louie a bit. He gave us some really great newborn images, since he was only 9 days old he really let us do anything to get that perfect pose. We tried again to get some photos of Louie with his big sister but she was really just ready to head to school to see her friends. Dad took her to school while mom stayed at the office watching her sweet boy sleep like a perfect angel for the rest of the session. We know it is hard to get those older siblings to work with the demands of a newborn session so it’s great that we got some perfect family photos right at the beginning. Luckily this family went with a digital option for the photos because they are going to have a hard time narrowing down the ones they like since there are so many great ones. I had a blast working with this wonderful family and I’m sure we will see them again.

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New BC member

November 22, 2019

It is super exciting when we have new clients join the birthday club. Especially when they start with the newborn session because then we have the opportunity to watch the children grow up. The birthday club includes 16 sessions so no matter when you want to it’s great to become a member of the club because you will be saving on session fees. Casey contacted us through Facebook to get more information about our sessions and the birthday club. She decided the club was the best deal so quickly made an appointment for a newborn session, Matthew was 5 weeks old already so we were able to get a session time quickly. Often when a newborn is more than a few weeks they are less likely to do those typical newborn poses. Well….Matthew was the exception to this rule, he was just wonderful. We started off with some family poses, getting more than usually because Matthew just slept the whole time. Then we moved on to some photos of him by himself, of course, just like any other baby he wanted to have a break with mommy. However after a small meal, he was ready to go! We were able to get photo after photo in various poses because Matthew settled so quickly into the next setting. Casey, although a new mom, knew so much helpful information about Matthew. He wasn’t a fan of being swaddled, he prefers his belly over his back and he often breathes out of his mouth. This was wonderful because we worked with this by posing him on his belly a few times and capturing some images with his mouth open because that is really how mom and dad see him every day. Moving forward we are so excited to watch Matthew grow, seeing milestones of sitting up, walking and then talking – Welcome to the birthday club!

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Fall Family Session

November 22, 2019

We enjoy meeting the families that are lucky enough to get a gift certificate we gave to a local auction or school. It’s always our pleasure to donate a session to the community or anyone that supports our studio. As the winner of one of these gift certificates Justin called to pick out a date to do family photos and as all other clients we never know what the weather will do. The morning started off with the threat of rain so we decided to wait it out a bit and talk later in the day. After looking at the rain moving out as well as the other photo date options, which were not many, Justin and Molly decided to go for it and keep the session at the original planned time. I am so glad they did! First of all the weather ended up being perfect, not hot or cold, just a wonderful evening. Second this family was great to work with the whole session. The kids listened to each and every direction, sometimes following directions that were meant for mom and dad. They smiled and had fun the whole time. Of course like any children sometimes the smiles got a bit fake but all I had to do was bring out a fluffy friend from my camera bag and the smiles were real again. It was so easy to photograph this family that we were able to go to two locations in the park. I think they may actually have too many options to pick from when they come in to view. However, it’s always better to have too many than not enough. We hit a family jackpot with these 4 and I hope we have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

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Session at home

September 26, 2019

We are a family owned studio that takes pride in the client relationships we create over the years. Each year we do weddings on the weekends providing wonderful memories as two people start their lives together. As a thank you for having us there to capture the wedding photos we provide a gift certificate for their first born. We would like to continue the relationship for years to come. This gift does not have an expiration date because we know each couple has different thoughts on when they want to start a family. Amanda and Frank have been married a few years so when he called us to let us know Stella was turning 1 we were very excited for them. At Ravetta photography we are thankful our wedding clients think of us when it is time to capture those special milestones in their families. Amanda and Frank wanted to make sure that we were there to create some memories of this great occasion. To make the session a little more personal they opted to have us come out to their house, which by the way was just wonderful. They had so many beautiful areas outside to do photos, Stella’s room decorations photographed perfectly and some family photos all cozy on the bed turned out wonderfully. The first few photos Stella was not so sure what was happening but when she warmed up to the idea of taking photos we couldn’t get her to stop smiling. It was really great to work in her environment because she felt comfortable. We even got a very cute photo of Stella “talking” to her elephant, what a great moment. We were so happy to have the pleasure of working with this family and hoping to see them again soon.

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After the rain

September 20, 2019

When we have a day filled with park sessions and we wake up to rain it’s not a great feeling. We never know how the client will feel about heading out in wet grass or even if the rain will stop. However we got very lucky that all the rain moved out of the area before we started our day. After a quick check in to make sure we were still good to go we met these three lovely ladies at the park – they also brought along mom and dad. Three girls always keeps us guessing when we arrive to the session. I’m sure they keep mom and dad guessing daily! We just don’t know if they will be shy, excited for photos or in a silly mood. Guess what – we got all three. And it changed during the session too. Megan was ready for photos and then got super silly so of course we captured all of that greatness. Elizabeth wasn’t so sure but after a few hair fluffs and twirls she was ready to show us the smiles. Sarah took much longer to warm up to the idea, however she sat perfectly in every photo. Didn’t give up the smiles until about half way through but when she did it was wonderful. With so much going on during this session we got the perfect mix of posed photos and candid shots of the family together. I am so glad we didn’t reschedule because the lighting was perfect, everyone was in a great mood and it wasn’t very hot outside. I am very grateful for friends like this that give me the opportunity to capture these special moments. I look forward to working with them again in the future and I know I’ll see these wonderful girls soon.

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Summer session

July 26, 2019

Scheduling far in advance could really pay off with a beautiful day or it could rain and then all that planning needs to be moved. This family got very lucky! This summer, well if you can even call it summer, has been one rainy day after another. Finally we had a few days that it didn’t rain from sun up to sun down, maybe a small annoying shower during the day. We heading to a south county park that has a perfect little garden, stone path and benches to use. The large building also offered us some much needed shade since the sun was beating down that morning. Mom and dad are expecting number 2, they really showed how prepared they are at this parenting thing by bringing Clare’s favorite stuffed bunny. We highly suggest to bring something the kids like, it would be great if it was something that looked nice to be in photos. However we know that is not always the case so we will work to use it for laughs in the background. These toys also keep the kids entertained and having fun between photos. Sadly Clare didn’t want to listen to baby for a photo so we just made sure to get some great family photos of them playing in the park. A 2 year old session can be a workout since they never stop moving, we enjoy getting our steps in as we play. Clare loves to climb, lucky for us there were a few things she could climb on, flowers to smell (even monkey liked to smell the flowers) and plenty of space to run off some energy. The photos show what a great time Clare had at the park. She was all smiles and laughter! She is going to be a great big sister and we are excited to meet the new addition later this year. Happy Birthday Clare.

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Jonah is One

July 11, 2019

One year sessions of our birthday club members are the best! After a newborn, 4 month, 8 month session we meet up again with the birthday club members at the one year session. This session always has so much personality! We get to find out if they are walking, what they are babbling, the songs or toys they love and best of all what makes them smile. After a rain reschedule I met up with Jonah at the park. He brought along mom and dad to have in a few photos. It was such a beautiful evening so we were able to get in a bunch of photos. Family photos by the lake started off great because Jonah liked to be held by mom and dad. However, just like with all other 1 year olds when they are put down they want to take matters into their own hands. We got a few photos in with everyone sitting down but since Jonah is such a great walker he wanted to just take off. That’s the great thing about doing this milestone session outside we can just move anywhere in the park. Jonah was able to see ducks in the pond, play with some rock and pull on tree branches for entertainment. All of these things along with dads foot stomping really gave us some great smiles from Jonah. We had to get in some photos with his birthday balloons, he loved them so that made it very easy to keep him in the exact spot we wanted to grab those happy faces. At the end we decided to get a few photos of Jonah walking in the park…just to show off how good he was at it! A great park session with a wonderful family – we look forward to many more.

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James is 1

April 23, 2019

On a rainy Saturday afternoon we headed to see James. He is turning one soon and is a member of our birthday club. This means we get to see him a couple of times a year to capture how big he is getting. The plan was to take some photos outside in the backyard but because of the rain we need to move indoors. No problem we are always ready for anything and their house had plenty of areas to work with for the photos. James was having a morning nap when we arrived so was a bit confused when he woke up to us in his room. But this nap put him in a great mood, ready for photos. He posed with mom and dad, even got his best four legged friend Sophie in the photos. James loves to look at books so we took advantage by doing some photos in his reading chair. It was very cute to watch him doing his favorite thing. It was also a must that he showed us his favorite car that he loves to walk around the house with – he is getting very fast! We thought the rain had slowed down for a bit, or so we hoped! We went outside to do a few photos in the garden and it was alright for a bit but even just a mist of rain seems like lots of rain after about 10 minutes. Oh well, it gave James some new scenery for a bit. Time for cake!!! The best part of a one year session is the smash cake, all kids love the cake part. Where the wild things are was the theme and James had a super cute tail and crown to wear while he dug into his homemade cake. James gave us a few smiles but was all cake in face during these photos! So fun to see him and we are looking forward to his 18 month session when he will have even more little personality…if that is even possible.

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Baby Christian

April 5, 2019

After the maternity session a few weeks ago Caitlyn talked about picking a date for her newborn session. Since she has been working with us for many years she knew that when Christian was born she wanted to join him into our birthday club. Our club is a onetime fee which will include 16 sessions and discounts on prints! It’s such a great deal – too good to pass up. The plan for Christian’s newborn session was a few family photos, some photos of brothers and then those special angelic images of Christian alone. Big brother Brendan loves having a little brother, giving him kisses before bed and showing him the toys. However he was not interested in taking too many photos which is pretty typical of a 2 year old big brother. We worked quickly by distracting Brendan to get some great smiles for the family photos. Then David brought in the dad skills and “flew” Brendan over to give his brother some sweet kisses. These photos will have special memories since they are the first ones of the new family. I’m sure we will take many more as the boys grow up and we will laugh at our efforts here because they will love being brothers – taking perfect photos together. Brendan was then free to play with dad while we worked with sweet baby Christian. Caitlyn was lucky to get some awake photos because most newborns that are less than 10 days are usually asleep the whole session. Christian wanted to show off those blue eyes. He eventually fell asleep so really mom and dad now have the best of both to look at in their photos. Thanks for letting us be a part of your family and your memories, it’s always a pleaure.

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