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Running in the park

December 20, 2018

Tracie and Matt have been clients for years. But it seems like the years are going by faster and faster. We did their wedding, got a call to do newborn photos and now it was time to update family pictures. However I couldn’t believe that Taylor was almost 2 years old! How did that happen – time just flies by so fast sometimes that I can’t even believe it. I usually don’t give everyone my cell phone number but I knew that with their session first thing in the morning and rain in the forecast it was best to be able to keep in touch. I am so happy I did because it was raining that morning so I wanted to be sure we were still going to meet at Tower Grove park. By the time we met the rain had stopped, of course the ground was very wet but the fall colors were perfect. Taylor was non-stop talking during the whole session. Sometimes with kids you just have to smile and nod because it’s not very clear what they are saying. Taylor spoke very clearly and was able to tell us exactly what she wanted. At first she wanted to play with the dogs that were passing by. Then she decided the ducks were super interesting. She insisted that mom and dad sit next to her at all times, close but not too close! She love the red trees, the crabapples that we used as balls and the green benches. We needed to take a break for a snack in a place of her choosing as well as hold hands when we walked anywhere. This feisty little girl was so much fun! She was in charge but between all these tasks I was able to get some great smile from her, the action shots were even better. I know Tracie and Matt will have the perfect photo for their wall. I look forward to working them again.

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Fall Session

December 20, 2018

I love to get calls from people that got our donated gift certificate at a local school or auction. This is a great way for us to meet new people and also help a great cause. Jackie wanted to use the certificate that she got for a family session. She was looking for fall leaves but we had to just settle on a date and hope we could find some. I often suggest Lafayette park because that park tends to have some great color. However this year it seems that with the weather going up and down that the colors we are used to having are not as great this year. When we arrived the family had already looked around the park a bit for the trees they liked. Honestly the found the best trees! We also used some great gates in the park, so many options. Originally we talked about the goal of the session and Jackie stated that she wanted a family photo and them some images of Nathan both posed and then showing his personality. Well after 2 minutes of being with Nathan I knew we would have no trouble getting some personality photos. He started posing he own photos and picking spots he thought would be great – some were perfect but others were silly (like under the bridge with a troll face to scare away the people above) However this just kept me laughing the whole session. I have a son the same age so I after meeting Nathan I knew exactly what Jackie meant. My son has a similar personality and the last time we did photos I was sure to give him some say in where were went or the types of poses. This really helped to get the perfect natural smiles, just like I got with Nathan. I hope to have the opportunity to work with this family again, they were so much fun.

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Family in St. Louis

November 30, 2018

Rhonda called our office one day in a panic because she had been looking for photographer and was not having any success. Her whole family was going to be gathering in St. Louis so it was very important to get a family photo taken. They live all in different states so for them to be together was great! She knew there was only one day and really only one time that would work for them…guess what we had it available – well at least within 30 minutes of the time she wanted. It was meant to be. She was thinking forest park because it had many options and it was easy for them to locate since they were not from the area. This worked because our other sessions were in forest park so we just stayed there for Rhonda. After we got everything set with the date and time then she decided it was a good time to tell us the family included 9 boys under the age 14. She mentioned it like I might back out of the session, heck no, this is going to be so much fun! When they arrived we started talking about how we usually pose the family using some chairs or stools. Rhonda was so easy going that the thought of a posy posy photo was not her family. She wanted to be more casual so we just grouped together and started off with the silly boy jokes to get everyone to laugh. We even got them all up on a log which of course they were super excited to climb all over. When we were done Rhonda couldn’t leave without giving us a hug because we had made this process so great for her and the family. I remember hearing the frantic voice over the phone which had now changed to the happiest voice ever as she thanked us over and over! It’s moments like this that make the harder days totally worth it – we create memories and we want them all to be great ones.

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Family before the rain

November 15, 2018

Katie and Matt used our services when they got married. Now it was time for some family portraits so of course they would contact us. We went back and forth on a good time but since the weather was getting cold fast and the light would soon be changing we were limited. However we were able to find a time that worked! We met at Queeny park since it was between both of our locations, this helped with how early they would have to be ready. We are always willing to meet out on location anywhere around the area so that it makes it less stressful for the families who have enough to worry about getting ready for a session. There was some rain moving in but we were going to get everything done before it hit us. Although David informed me that when I had him laying on the ground a rain drop got him in the eye. But he quickly brushed it off and kept smiling…or laughing actually. Katie and Matt told him that to get the best smile pretend that someone is tickling him so he will laugh. I couldn’t stop laughing behind the camera because every time I went to take a photo David would giggle. It was amazing! His little brother Johnny also had a great smile but he was so interested in the stuff around him outside that we had to work a bit harder for his grin. The boys were so great that we were able to get lots of different images, mom with each boy, dad with each boy, the family, the boys alone, the boys together – it is going to very hard for Katie and Matt to pick. The shy David that got out of the car was a very different kid by the time we were done, I think I have a new friend! The last thing we got was a photo of Katie and Matt together and as I went to take the photo I heard some giggling, but this time it wasn’t David, it was Matt. I guess that trick works for him too, I’ll have to have everyone do it from now on. Thanks for the tip.

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Dallas is One

November 8, 2018

It is time to do one year photos for Dallas! We did photos when she was born and then had the pleasure of photographing Danielle and Dane’s wedding in the spring. Dallas was a super cute flower girl! Now she is getting so big. She isn’t walking on her own which is actually perfect for photos because she would stay in one spot. However she loves to walk holding mom and dad’s hands. So much that when we stopped she got very mad at us. However Danielle warned us that might be the case so we saved those photos for the end. When we all arrived Danielle informed us that half of the outfit was left back at home. Well luckily it was the bottom half so we were able to do a few close up photos in the cute flowered outfit Dallas was wearing. Outfits are important but really it’s all about that cute little baby face! Since this was a one year session of course she had an outfit with ONE on it and a unicorn – the theme of her birthday is unicorns. The rainbow tutu was absolutely adorable. Dallas likes to be swung up in the air so when we did family photos Danielle lifted her up and set her back down quickly to get the smile. It worked perfectly, might have been hard on Danielle’s arms but it’s all worth that wonderful smile. Dallas had a great time showing us leaves and rocks she found as she sat near the pond. It was cracking us up because it seemed like each rock she grabbed was bigger than the last one. Keeping kids entertained is a big part of a photography session. It gives us a more natural smile which parents love, that is unless they are so intent on looking at rocks that they don’t want to smile! We got some great smiles anyway I’m sure mom and dad will be very happy.

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Summer Family Photos

September 25, 2018

We couldn’t have found a more beautiful evening for family photos. When Lynn set up her appointment awhile back we discussed how August could be hot so we wanted a nice location with shade. As the date approached we saw rain the forecast which was troublesome since there was not an opportunity to reschedule. However on the day of the session it was amazing. A nice evening breeze, no hot sun and super happy children all made the session go very smoothly. We had talked back and forth about where to go for photos. We review the places we had already been because with the opportunity of so many wonderful locations in St. Louis why would we repeat places. Since this family has two boys I tend to look for places that are a bit more “boy” like a few flowers but not a garden of blooming beauties. Something to keep them interest but not distracted. Great lighting because with boys we need to work fast since they are ready to play before they even arrive. A nice tucked in area in Forest Park was perfect. It has a rock river, small stream, trees and benches to include and also sits close to the Forest Park lake. The boys loved it! We of course started with some family photos so that mom and dad could then relax the rest of the session. Lucas was excited to tell us these were his 4 year photos because he was a big kid now. He even tried to help by holding his little brother Charlie’s hand in a few photos. Charlie was not interested, however he jumped at the chance to give Lucas a hug when asked. Such great boys! They are both very well behaved and made the session super easy. There are so many photos to choose from that I’m afraid it might be too hard now for Lynn. Oh well, that’s what happens when there is such a perfect family in front of my lens. Not to mention friends I have known since high school! Until next time boys – thanks for the fun evening.

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Getting so big

August 8, 2018

Parents see their kids each day and I know they from time to time notice how much they have grown. But it is much more obvious from our perspective because we often don’t see them for 6 months to a year. We haven’t seen Sarah since her newborn photos last year. She has gotten very big and also quite tan since the last time we saw her! She hasn’t started walking yet, I don’t blame her, with two older sisters why walk when they can do everything for her. We wanted to try and get everything possible done during this session – family, girls together, girls alone, Sarah one year photos, mom and dad together. Sometimes it’s hard to do this much but then at the same time it gives the opportunity to be more flexible if one child doesn’t want photos we work with the others. We don’t have to push it since there are other photos we want to take anyway. I am just amazed at how each girl has such a different personality. Of course it is hard to see exactly what Sarah will be like but currently she is pretty easy going until her sisters hold her hands Megan, as the oldest, had to show off her strong willed personality but eventually we got some great smiles. Then there is Elizabeth the sweet little ray of sunshine in the middle. She would not only follow the directions given to her she was following everyone else’s too. I’m sure life is a joy and a challenge with these three girls but seeing them together having fun is very special. Not only was it a great session with lots of photos, but for a July day with temps in the 100s all week this particular morning it was 70’s and breezy. Excited to watch these girls grow up, but not too fast!

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3 Year Session

July 5, 2018

Each year flies by faster and faster. There are times we get a call for a session from someone that comes each year and we think…no way it’s that time again! We did a fall session for this wonderful family for Kolin’s birthday but now it was time for Devin’s session. Of course it couldn’t be cool like it was the week before but we worked fast in the heat and got some amazing photos. Devin was ready for her session with big smiles the whole time. We started with some family photos to warm up to the idea of photos alone. Sometimes it’s best not to just sit kids down expect them to stay and walk away. If parents want some family photos during the session we start with those so that the kids can see what we will be doing behind the camera, getting comfortable with us helps create the most natural smiles. When I asked the kids to take a photos together they put their arms around each other perfectly. I didn’t even have to pose them, it came natural to them to pose together. They are such great siblings! Devin started to mention that she was “getting sweaty” so we decided it was time to work on photos of her alone. We found any shade we could to stay a bit cooler. Photos with flowers, photos doing dance poses, photos on a “Devin size chair”, princess photos and anything else we could think of capped off the session. Luckily she was ready to pose, smile and work with us while we fixed hair and dress because mom mentioned there was no nap which could be trouble…not for this princess! When she was done Devin was able to play on the playground for a bit until everyone was too hot to stay. Such a wonderful time catching up with everyone again. See you in the fall!

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Family in Spring

May 16, 2018

Pattra had a family session with us about 2 years ago with their 1 year old. She loved the results, proudly displaying them all over the house. She knew she wanted to work with us again as they added another child to the family. Actually she contacted us to do a pregnancy session followed by a newborn session for Bruce. However she unexpectedly delivered a bit early and all plans went out the window. So then we thought let’s just back it up a bit once the family gets settled into the new normal because she has been wanting to do another family photo for a while. Well 1 year later everyone was ready! We had started off with the plan of doing a studio session. However the warm weather inspired us all so we went outdoors. Also Grace is now an explorer, from our experience the studio sessions are harder because she would have to stay in one spot. Now being outside does give much more to explore than indoors but we were able to get some casual photos of the family. These types of photos are not possible indoors and much more genuine at the park. Of course working with wind, moving children and a giant park to explore can be difficult. But when we have an amazing family ready to roll with it, move to a new spot and laugh the whole time, it just makes it perfect! We were able to get photos with grandparents, parents, individual and those amazing shots alone with mom and dad. Finally a new updated family photo for the house. We were happy to work with everyone again, see how big Grace got, meet Bruce and also grandparents. Pattra’s dad kept us entertained more than the kids – wanting to keep his jacket on for the photos, taking his own photos right along with us and wandering off for his own adventure, just like Grace. I see where she gets her exploring spirit!

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Growing Family

May 9, 2018

Again and again we enjoy seeing our families grow. We start off with them as wedding clients and then see everyone again when they have children. Now we see Jen a few times a year because she teaches at a school we photograph. We take a moment to update on everyone “hey how’s the family” So when we talked to her last fall she mentioned Nellie was doing great – getting big very fast. That seems to be how all parents feel. The days are long but the years are short! At that point Jen didn’t mention a new addition would be joining the family. We were so excited to hear from her after they welcomed Landon. A new family portrait was a must so Jen had her eye on a gift certificate at a local event. We love to donate to any events in our area or for the schools that support us with school photos. This gift certificate was perfect for Jen and the family. When they arrived Nellie needed some time to warm up to the idea of taking photos so we started with Landon. He was awake and ready to go! We are very flexible when working with children because we know it takes time for them to feel comfortable. Nellie enjoyed a few photos but preferred to be in the lobby area…so guess what we just cozied up on the couch and get a perfect family photo. She even held Landon for a few precious moments! Having done a session with us before Jen knew what she wanted. A great family photo for the wall, a couple of the kids together and some newborn photos of Landon. We were able to get it all, even a couple cute shots of Nellie alone too. Of course we had to let her make a few funny faces to get that sweet smile. Thanks for coming in and catching up with us, excited to watch the kids grow!

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