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Baby Jack

February 28, 2019

Creating a relationship with our clients is one of our strong qualities. We may meet a client to do wedding photos, then continue the relationship when they start a family. That is exactly the case with Kate and Rob. We did their wedding in 2017 then she called recently to let us know they had a newborn named Jack. They wanted to set up a newborn session and while they were here take some family photos. I’m glad that they included themselves in the photos. We often see that parents don’t want to be included in the newborn photos because they don’t like how tired they look or can’t get themselves ready as well as the baby. First of all we make everyone look their best in the photos and second when your children look back at these photos they want to see you in them. They don’t care how small or squishy they were, they want to see how you looked when they were born. You don’t need to be in all the photos but make sure that you get in a few! Jack was very insistent that mom be in all the photos – or at least someone that was holding him. Each time we tried to put him down for some solo shots he immediately woke up and started fussing. We got great photos with the family, mom and Jack, dad and Jack and then even some with RJ (big brother) and Jack. There were a few opportunities to get photos alone of Jack but he was sure to keep us on our toes. He didn’t want to be swaddled or lay on his belly in the photos however he was awake and looking cute in the ones we did get. I’m sure he will do great in his next session – we look forward to watching Jack grow.

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Sweet Newborn

February 19, 2019

Newborn sessions are some of my favorite sessions that we do at the studio. However they are also some of the most difficult. There are many factors that go into planning a newborn session and we also have to be flexible when our vision changes. Prior to the session we pick out some wraps, backgrounds, hats or bows. We want to be prepared when the family arrives making smooth transitions from one pose to the next helps the newborn stay calm. We can be fumbling for the next prop that might be buried in the drawer in the prop room, everything needs to be close at hand. But no matter how much we plan each session we never know how the newborn will react to the poses. Some babies love to be wrapped up while others will cry if you try. If they come in with a full belly or eat during the session then a tummy pose is not the best right away. Newborn sessions take time and so we plan time in order to keep everyone at ease. We recommend at least the hour session for any newborn photos because we want to make sure to get the perfect photos which sometimes means taking a feed break, a snuggle with mom break or even just patience as the baby falls asleep. This particular session we only got a few photos before he woke up, but even though he was awake he was so relaxed and looked straight at the camera for most of the photos. After doing a pregnancy session with this family we were excited to meet the new addition. Originally they thought they could do mini session but quickly realized why at least an hour of time was needed. Don’t rush those precious moments schedule time and let us work some magic to get those perfect photos.

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Big Brother, Big Sister

December 20, 2018

We love to watch our families grow. We started working with Jenny and Kevin at their wedding. Then the welcomed twins about 3 years ago and we have been photographing them in studio and on location. Now we got to meet the newest addition to the family, Henry! When we arrived at the house for a newborn session we were happy to see big sister, Maggie, and big brother, Ben who were excited to show us their new brother. It took some convincing for us to get Ben in photos with his siblings but once we got going he did great. They both laid on the ground next to Henry, gave him kisses and even held him while sitting on the couch. They are going to be wonderful big siblings. Henry seemed to be tuckered out after all the photos with Maggie and Ben. He was a perfect angel for his photos alone. We went from one pose to another with minimal fussing from him. Maggie and Ben wanted to watch but it was best for them to have some playtime in order to keep it quiet for Henry. However I’m sure it’s not quiet normally for him so he should probably get use to the noise. Jenny decided it was best to enroll Henry in the birthday club just like the other kids. This way she would get updated photos often, discounts on prints and not have to pay any session fees. Our birthday club really is the greatest deal! We will see everyone again soon for 3 year photos and 4 month photos. We hope things are still going as well as they are going now. I bet Ben and Maggie will be pros at being big siblings by then – they were already off to a good start!

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Baby Xena

November 30, 2018

Newborn photos are part of our birthday club which is great because this is an important moment to capture.  If this is the first child or another addition to the family, either way it’s great to get photos right away after the new baby arrives.  Ann contacted us before Xena arrived to information on the session options including the birthday club. She had done a newborn session with her first baby, Dexter, however the photographer does not travel to locations close to the family so she was on the lookout for a new photographer. She found us, not only is our studio close to her home but we will also travel to any nearby park or location for the session. Ann decided the best option for the newborn session was in their home. Due to our schedule Xena was 10 days when we did the session, Ann was hoping we would still get a great newborn session. When I arrived mom and dad were finishing up getting ready, of course they are always last now that they have two kids! So Dexter and I got to know each other a bit, it really helped him relax for photos. We started with a few family photos and then of course after all that time getting ready Xena wanted to eat. So Dexter showed me some of his amazing soccer skills while mom fed Xena. Watch out world 2 year old Dexter will take you by storm with his dribbling and shooting when he grows up. When we got back into the photo session Xena was amazing, she slept most of the time, but also gave us open eyes and didn’t mind being switched from one pose to another. I’m not sure how Ann is going to pick photos she was worried she wouldn’t get any and now she has so many options. Looking forward to working with everyone again at the 4 month session since you are now part of the birthday club family.

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Baby Lewis

August 31, 2018

And our family just keeps on growing! I was so excited when my cousin Sam and her husband Ryan, who’s wedding we photographed a couple of years ago, told me they were expecting their first child this summer! Their sweet baby boy arrived in July, and they couldn’t wait to bring him in for his newborn photos. They definitely wanted to get some family photos in addition to some of just Lewis by himself. Even though parents may not be feeling their best in the days after baby arrives, I always recommend you take at least a few family photos with your new arrival. They are only that little for so long, and you’ll be glad you have those precious images later on! We started with the family photos, getting Lewis with just mom and just dad as well as the whole family. Next we moved on to a few of the fun items that Sam and Ryan had brought to incorporate in Lewis’s newborn session. Sam works as a penguin keeper at the zoo, so of course she had to bring his stuffed penguin and an adorable penguin quilt! They also brought an embroidered blanket that was Ryan’s when he was little.

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Baby Frankie

August 22, 2018

A long time ago in a high school not so far away I met Kate. We quickly became friends and spent the rest of our high school years attending parties, working together on projects when we were in class together, traveling on the cheer squad and laughing through all the amazing times we had. We kept in touch when she went away to college, always making sure to get together when she was in town. Then she moved back home making it easier keep up with what was going on in our lives. It’s crazy to think that those two crazy high school girls now have two boys each, time is moving so fast! I have photographed her wedding when she married the hilarious and witty, Mike. Then continued capturing memories when Otis arrived. Of course we wanted to continue the traditions we started many years ago when Franklin joined the family. Working with friends I love how comfortable we are about not feeling the need sugar coat how things are. I got a text right before I arrived saying they were running a bit behind because Franklin wouldn’t stop pooping, haha. They were not quite ready when I arrived, which was totally fine with me because I got to work with Franklin while everyone finished up. Otis was a great helper to me, asked lots of questions about what I was doing and happy to tell me what a good big brother he was. Despite a crazy morning for mom and dad Franklin was perfect for me. Lots of photos of him, some with Otis – who was also a great listener and did exactly what I asked him to do! We got in family photos in the front yard as well as some newborn photos outside. Taking advantage of the nice weather for a change! I am so happy to have yet another boy in our group of friends, all these kids are going to have a great time growing up together.

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Baby Jonah

July 31, 2018

If you keep up with all of our blog post then you know we have mentioned before how important it is to try and get newborn photos within the first 2 weeks if you want those squishy posable babies. We knew Mark and Shannon were expecting because her mom came in to purchase a gift certificate for a session. Not only did she get one session, she signed them up for the birthday club which is the best deal we can offer. For a one time membership fee they will get 16 session and discounts on prints until baby is 12. We are so excited to watch this little one grow. We got the call that Jonah was born on 6/20, luckily we had a session time available only 8 days after he was born. Mom and dad came in with a few things from the nursery to make the photos extra special to them. Of course we have plenty of props but it is always fun using some new items that were gifts to a new arrival. Blankets, stuffed animals and signs helped to set Jonah’s session apart from others. We usually have about 6 things in mind when we start off a newborn session. Most babies make it through 4, but rarely do they get to all 6 we just have options ready because some babies like to be swaddled and others don’t – be flexible. Jonah didn’t cry once, he transitioned from one thing to the next perfectly, it’s that magical time in the first 2 weeks that allows us to mold and pose babies in any way we want before they are awake longer. He would open his eyes just to look around for a bit and then went right back to sleep in his cozy pose. He didn’t even mind being naked – lots of babies hate being naked. We are so happy that we got to meet Jonah for his newborn session. We look forward to working with him another 15 times!

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Baby Hudson

June 21, 2018

We knew Jessica was going to have a baby around the end of May or early June so when she called to let us know that Hudson had arrived we were very excited. We did the wedding of Jessica and Justin so she was happy to use the gift certificate we gave them. This is a great way for us to keep in touch with our couples and we enjoy watching the families grow. Jessica had a few things in mind for the newborn session so when we arrived we went straight to the nursery to start planning. We are very flexible because even with a plan sometimes newborns change our plan by not wanting to be in a particular pose or they need to have an eating break. Hudson was eating when we arrived so it worked out perfectly because he was sleepy while we worked. He was 10 days old which is perfect timing for newborn photos. Once they get older it’s a bit harder to transition from one thing to the next. This session was a breeze because he let us do anything. We easily moved from the ideas Jessica had to some of the ideas we brought with us. It was fun for us to incorporate personal items into the session. When parents give us free access to the nursery, clothing and blankets our creativity runs wild! After catching up with Jessica about how they have been since the wedding, how many people have come to visit Hudson and just talking about baby stuff the time flew by and we realized Hudson has slept the whole session. Amazing baby! Saving some naked baby for last since most babies don’t like to be naked, Hudson still wowed us with calming so quickly for us to get the perfect shot. We hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

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Baby James

June 19, 2018

There are times we wonder what our past clients have been up to in the years since we have seen them. We do many portraits, events and weddings each year. Of course we see some families back yearly or maybe even more than once a year. When we photograph events where there are lots of people in attendance that notice our comfort behind the camera and then call us for portraits of themselves. Our wedding clients are a bit different because they are just getting started. Often they are looking for a new home, moving from one to another, traveling, finding the perfect career or many other adventures they embark on after the wedding day. When we get a call from these couples that they have started a family and would like us to take newborn photos we are just beyond excited. Mom and dad welcomed James about a month ago, took a bit of time to get settled and were now ready for photos. The newborn photos are best in the first 7-10 days but every once in a while we get a baby that proves that wrong. James was that baby – sleeping during the first half of the session while letting us change his position into anything we wanted. He was a dream! Then we tried to do some naked baby photos….he was not a fan. He decided it was time to wake up and eat, however even after eating he wasn’t having those naked photos. As soon as he got his diaper back on he went back to sleep, such a little stinker! Mom wanted a few photos with his eyes open but no matter what we tried James wanted to take sleepy baby photos. We laughed at ourselves trying anything we could think of to wake him up – who tries to wake a sleeping baby! We do, well after we have all the sleeping photos we want first of course. Thanks for bringing James in and we hope to welcome you to our birthday club in the future.

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Growing Family

May 9, 2018

Again and again we enjoy seeing our families grow. We start off with them as wedding clients and then see everyone again when they have children. Now we see Jen a few times a year because she teaches at a school we photograph. We take a moment to update on everyone “hey how’s the family” So when we talked to her last fall she mentioned Nellie was doing great – getting big very fast. That seems to be how all parents feel. The days are long but the years are short! At that point Jen didn’t mention a new addition would be joining the family. We were so excited to hear from her after they welcomed Landon. A new family portrait was a must so Jen had her eye on a gift certificate at a local event. We love to donate to any events in our area or for the schools that support us with school photos. This gift certificate was perfect for Jen and the family. When they arrived Nellie needed some time to warm up to the idea of taking photos so we started with Landon. He was awake and ready to go! We are very flexible when working with children because we know it takes time for them to feel comfortable. Nellie enjoyed a few photos but preferred to be in the lobby area…so guess what we just cozied up on the couch and get a perfect family photo. She even held Landon for a few precious moments! Having done a session with us before Jen knew what she wanted. A great family photo for the wall, a couple of the kids together and some newborn photos of Landon. We were able to get it all, even a couple cute shots of Nellie alone too. Of course we had to let her make a few funny faces to get that sweet smile. Thanks for coming in and catching up with us, excited to watch the kids grow!

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