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Trish and Dan Wedding

July 3, 2020

Weddings this spring and summer are looking a bit different than normal in some ways. However they are still a wonderful celebration of marriage between two people surrounded by loved ones…or at least as many loved ones that are able to attend.
During the engagement session Trish and Dan said the wedding was happening in June no matter what. If they had to cut the list to 10 people then they would, but fortunately they didn’t have to go that far down. They were allowed to have around 125 guests! When we arrived at the church we of course took some detail shots of the flowers, programs, masks and hand sanitizer. Yep that’s right we are documenting this event as it is so those unique 2020 details should definitely be in there.
Just like every wedding we attend the pre-wedding photos seem like they fly by because everyone is arriving at different times as well as trying to do the finishing touches on getting ready. Trish and Dan were ready to get things going so we got everything done we needed prior to the ceremony. This worked out perfectly since afterward we had many family photos to do while also wanting to get to the park for photos. Throughout the whole day Trish and Dan didn’t stop smiling, I remember this from the engagement session. They just look at each other and start glowing! At some weddings nerves get the best of the couple while they are on the altar and they forget to smile, but these two were the exact opposite. We know that all couples are happy but to see that joy from the moment we got there until the moment we left is just amazing.
Although it may have been a bit warm, it was June after all, the wedding party had a fun time with photos at the park. We captured some great laughs and interactions between everyone, this is going to make photo selection difficult for Trish and Dan. Thanks for a wonderful day and we look forward to working on your wedding album design soon.

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Flower Girl

July 3, 2020

Kids grow and change so quickly, perhaps the fact that we have recently been ordered to slow our lives down gave some families a moment to realize how fast time passes. Caroline has had a few sessions with us now, thanks mom and dad for the continual support. When we first met Caroline she wasn’t walking – starting to a bit but needed help. Now at her 18 month session she is pretty much running! She has always had some wonderful personality showing through each time we met. But this time Caroline is exploding with personality that kept us laughing the whole session. She only took about 5 minutes after getting out of the car to turn on those smiles. Sometime when parents say “show us your teeth” we are greeted with a super big mouth wide open and eyes closed face. However Caroline had this look down pat, she just grinned at us and light up because she was so happy to show us her teeth. She also had no trouble showing off her knowledge of animal sounds, personally horse was my favorite! When we set up the appointment it was decided that a mini session would be just enough to capture this moment. It worked out perfectly because after about 20 minutes Caroline was not interested in staying still anymore. Although she did decide that she liked the chair we brought when just moments before she didn’t want to sit at all. When she had her fancy bracelet on she just wanted to take it off, but then when it was off she wanted it back on. This age group always keeps us on our toes, we are happy to dance around with you Caroline. I suspect during your next session we will be talking about those animals instead of just making the sounds. Thank you for getting us out of the office and allowing us the opportunity to spend time with your family. It’s always a pleasure!

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Courtney and Jonathan

June 21, 2020

Weddings schedule so far in advance that there is no way of knowing what type of weather the day will bring, but most couples just have plans for all cases and enjoy the day no matter what. This spring our couples were surprised with another factor to consider as the wedding day approached…the stay at home order and the maximum of 10 people in a gathering. The current situation is not something any of us would have thought to make a backup plan. Each couple has made a unique decision for their event, some have postponed a few months others a whole year. Courtney and Jon decided that they wanted to move forward as planned. Yes less people would be there, the venue was not available and their photos now included everyone wearing masks. However they still got married while surrounded by loved ones.
When I spoke with Courtney we made adjustments to the timeline of the day and talked about the people that would be in attendance. Getting ready at their home was much quieter than normal since it was only a few people but really other than that it wasn’t any different than all the other weddings. The flowers arrived, the dress hung in the bedroom, the jewelry was set out and everyone there was ready to get the day started.
Courtney and Jon decided to do a first look at SLU with the clock tower in the background. The weather was beautiful and the campus didn’t have too many people walking around, this created the perfect backdrop for Jon to see Courtney for the first time. It was a great moment and even though we were pretty far away at this point we could see the happiness on their faces. We walked around the campus getting some picturesque images for them. The families met us at the next location so we could get all of those images done prior to the wedding as well. Since we were outside it was easier for everyone to keep socially distant from each other. We had to take a few photos with masks because this is such a unique situation right now that those images will be a part of history.
The wedding ceremony was still held the church as planned but the pews were empty. However having a photographer and videographer present Courtney and Jon will be able to share this moment with everyone soon. As they exited the church they were surprised by some family members spread out in front of the church with signs and balloons. A wonderful moment showing that no matter the distance they will always have family supporting them.
The reception moved to the groom’s family home. It was great that they were able to have a space to celebrate Courtney and Jon. Another surprise when they arrived was a new way to do a receiving line, guests lined up in their cars and drove by waving and wishing the couple a happy marriage. The reception continued with all the normal wedding events – cake, toast, dinner, dancing. Of course to keep with the theme of supportive family members the evening also included a zoom call with some out of town people. Honest Courtney and Jon never imagined their wedding would look like this but considering everything going on in the world it was a perfect event. I’m glad we were able to be a part of it.

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Missy and Tony

June 21, 2020

Missy contacted us by email during the stay at home order. She was looking for a photographer that would fit for a wedding in November. Her email read “Your photos online are beautiful, are you available on our wedding date”. A statement like this makes us happy because to be honest at least 80% of choosing a photographer is their personality. Since we had been unable to meet with couples we had no way to show them how wonderfully we would fit as the photographer for their wedding. We are reliant on the photographs we show on our website and socials. In this case Missy found exactly what she was looking for and decided to contact us about package options.
I really like to get a bit of information about the couple when they visit the office but in this case I asked some questions by email and then Missy and I had a great chat over the phone. She and Tony have been together about a year and a half, enjoy being outside and have a dog. They selected Old Stone Chapel in St. Charles for the ceremony and reception. We have been there many times which gave Missy some comfort when selecting us as the photographer. She mentioned she has never planned or had a wedding before so she wanted someone that knew what they were doing. That’s us!!
We decided to quickly get an engagement session scheduled. Since they met in Forest Park and then went to the Zoo it was fun for us to get photos with a few of those elements. I notice with all couples when we start the session they are not exactly sure what to do, but as we move from pose to pose and location to location they start to relax and really show their true personalities. The morning was wonderful allowing us to get many different images that they will enjoy forever. Of course we session was enhanced by some great conversation about jobs, dogs, staying home alone as a child, the current state of grocery shopping and even a quiz on Ninja Turtles! We had such a great time that I’m really excited to see what type of conversations come up at the wedding. Congratulations to Missy and Tony for finding the perfect match for you and we will see you in a few months.

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All Smiles

May 28, 2020

A small local company like us really enjoys working with clients we have worked with before. Our relationship could be just one other session or it could go farther back than that. Perhaps we did school photos for you, family photos, weddings, etc. This is how far back we have known Kerri and we are thankful for the repeat clients such as her.
Kerri called and was hoping to get the session done as soon as possible, luckily we were able to get her in within a few days. Since the photos were just of Carolynn a mini session was the perfect option. We selected a spot in Tower Grove park and met there on a beautiful, yet a bit warm, morning. I had forgotten to mention that the park roads were going to be blocked off but luckily Kerri was able to find a place to park. After getting a bit turned around in the park we found each other, she had saved my cell phone number from when we did her wedding. Never know when you might need to call your photographer!!
When we got settled Kerri mentioned that Carolynn might take a moment to warm up to us. She did but really a moment was all it took. Then she was all smiles for both us and mom, it was easy to get some great images. As we walked around the park we chatted about the kids and how Kerri was surprised how “girly” Carolynn seems at such a young age. We tried some photos on the ground near a tree and we knew she was not a huge fan because the smiles stopped a bit, although she never got upset about it. More like “really ladies, this is not my type of photo” So a quick change to a rainbow dress brought those smiles right back out. It was a joy to work with such a sweet baby and we look forward to doing more photos with this family in the future.

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Growing Siblings

May 28, 2020

Park sessions in the spring are a breath of fresh air because after being stuck inside all winter it is nice to get out and have fun with clients in the park. Especially right now because we have literally been stuck inside! Working with a family we have known for years makes the session even more fun. Our relationships often start with a wedding or engagement sessions then continue when the family grows. That is how we met this wonderful family. Of course when the kids arrived it was a given they would join our birthday club since it is the best deal for our clients. A onetime session fee and then free sessions with print discounts until your kids are 12! I think we might be crazy for offering such a perfect package but this allows us to get to know you even more, which is our favorite thing to do.
I would like to thank our birthday club members for the continual support to our studio. It’s these clients that truly understand the importance of supporting a small business time and time again. We create a relationship with them that we even know their voice when they call to set up an appointment. All of our sessions are important to us but being a repeat customer is the best way for us to really get to know you.
When we started off this birthday club session it was a bit chilly. The lighting was very nice in the shade but the kids were cold that it was best to move to the sun for a few photos. Working with twins and a toddler can be a challenge however mom wanted to get a bunch of different types of photos so that allowed us to give the kids some breaks. Usually starting off with some family photos so mom and dad can be done works well, we can always come back and do more but this way the kids also feel a bit better about being there since they can stay by mom and dad a bit longer. We will take a few different photos in hopes that we get everyone looking the best in one together – we got some great photos of this family! When we worked with each child individually is when we got to see the personalities of each of them. A sweet yet sassy little girl, a goofy but cooperative boy and then the constant moving toddler that knows exactly what he wants! Luckily we were able to work with that and get some nice smiles. We look forward to seeing them again later this year to catch up and have fun together again.

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The History of Us

April 24, 2020

Since we have a bit of time on our hands we thought it would be a great idea to tell you how we got started. Ravetta Photography has been in business over 45 years! The photography industry was very different back then but we have changed and adapted to the way we run our business over the years.
Lou has always had an interest in photography, even as a young child, so when his grandmother passed away and left him $200 he wanted to buy a camera. He thought it would be a wonderful way to remember her as well as further his photo interest. Lou started by taking photos of his girlfriend, Karen. They went all over St. Louis taking different style images and having fun. Then a relative of Lou wanted him to photograph a small wedding, he said no because he wasn’t sure he could handle a wedding. He just liked taking photos and didn’t want the pressure of a wedding. After some convincing from the family member, Lou actually changed his mind and agreed to photograph the wedding. It turned out that he did such a wonderful job his family started telling other people about him. So Lou ended up doing other weddings and portraits, then those people told other people how much they liked the photos. The ball was rolling…45 years later here we are! Those referrals at the beginning of our business lead to more referrals which is what keeps us going. We wouldn’t be successful without our clients telling others about us.
Remember that girlfriend, Karen, well Lou married her and they have been running Ravetta Photography together since the very beginning. At first they met with people at their home, until they had a daughter…spoiler… that daughter was Rachel! Apparently even as a baby Rachel had a photography interest because she wouldn’t let mom and dad work without being involved. This distraction caused the company to move to its own location. At first it was just an office area to meet with people because all the sessions were on location. The success of the business allowed Lou and Karen to invest in a better camera, attend seminars to learn from the pros, move to a location that had space for a studio and add studio lighting to what they offered.
Years and years later that is exactly what we are doing each day. We have updated our equipment to the best digital cameras, we are constantly learning – however we are the pros now so we often help others too. Social media wasn’t even a thought back when the business opened but if we didn’t use it now then clients wouldn’t be able to find us. Our ability to adapt to the changing photography industry only enhances the fact that we are able to make each client experience with us special to them.
Please keep sharing our name so in 45 years from now Ravetta Photography can still be going strong taking images of the next generations. Think about it for a minute, wouldn’t it be so great to help a business be around for almost 100 years! Each person we photograph that mentions our name becomes a part of our history.

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Starting a family

March 20, 2020

We got the call…a baby was born! I may not remember what I ate for lunch but I totally remember my wedding couples. When they call to say they have started a family it makes me so happy. First of all, that is a very special moment for them. Secondly, I’m excited that they thought of us to capture the special moments of this new family. Ethan was born late last year so with the holidays and cold weather mom and dad decided to wait a bit before calling for a studio session. We were able to get them in quickly which was good because pretty soon Ethan will not fit in any of our baskets. He is such a long little dude. We started the session with a few family photos because they mentioned the hospital photos were not the best. We understand that all new parents are asked if they want photos while they are in the hospital. Of course this is up to you if you want photos there, however another option would be to call us when you are settled at home. We can come out to your house or you are welcome to come to our studio. You will feel more prepared, fresh and ready to do newborn photos a couple days later.
Parents should always be prepared with outfit choices but remember to keep it simple because it’s not all about the clothing. A wonderful onesie with his name on it was perfect for this session. We tried to start off with a basket but at first he was not too sure about the idea, however once mom and dad got him smiling with those silly noises Ethan did a great job. After a few smiles in various posed we needed to get some photos in the Christening gown. This gown was passed down in the family so it was important to get these photos. Well this gown was super slippery so Ethan was a trouper having us mess with him over and over because he kept sliding around. Despite all the moving we got some great photos we are sure grandma will love.
We are looking forward to working with Ethan again.

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Evolution of photography

March 19, 2020

A well thought out article by a fellow photographer to help inform the current generation of the importance of printed photographs.
People are taking more pictures than ever before. It’s been estimated in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined. Unfortunately few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. The current generations feel in the moment and not the future. Digital images are no longer important enough to keep them in printed form! Shockingly 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today actually end up being printed. Digital images means you can instantly look on a computer screen however without one, you have nothing. The technology has changed so fast in recent years. Most likely in 5 years or less, your DVD or USB is going to be obsolete. And the technology of tomorrow may not support your “older” files. Even online storage or uploading to social media is not a permanent solution to viewing photos. Which means all of your memories you captured today, aren’t going to be around tomorrow.
When having a professional photograph taken consider this – It may be a “digital world” but I doubt you have your DVD’s on your wall! When you are asked by family to show a photo you may answer, It’s on a disc…someplace, where did we put that disc again? Anyone can see a printed image, there is no wondering if the current technology will support what you have. Invest in a display print for your home, a one of a kind work of art that will be passed from generation to generation.
In 2025, when you find a disc in that drawer and your 3 inch watch computer no longer has a DVD drive since in 2020 they were totally phased out. What will you tell your 3rd grandchild asking to see pictures of their Mom? A piece of round plastic that is pretty much worthless just won’t be the same as a photo. Since all social media is now charging a fee you gave up on that years ago and uploaded images are lost. The most photographed generation will be without a photo from the past 10 years. Children of 2025 may wonder if it wasn’t important to have photos. Lost memories are expensive!

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Jessica and Bill

March 10, 2020

I would say if it was going to rain on anyone’s wedding day Jessica and Bill were really relaxed about it. Honestly what can anyone do about it, nothing, so why not just make the best of the situation and not let it ruin your wedding day.
We met with Jessica at the hotel as she finished up the getting ready process. Everyone seemed very calm, at least until she got her dress on. Then she mentioned that she was really starting to get nervous now that it was all put together. That is pretty typical at weddings because it is rare that a bride will get a total look at everything before the event day. Hair trial, make up trial, dress fittings, etc. they never end up on the same day. And even if they do it seems like brides always forget to try the shoes too! Luckily Jessica had some time when she got to the church to just relax for a bit while the guests arrived.
Bill and his family were ready for photos as soon as we got there. It was great to have a groom with some ideas about what he wanted and who he wanted to have in his photos. Since we were able to get a bunch of photos done before the wedding this gave us the opportunity to use our time afterward getting many combinations of family photos. We even had plenty of time to really enjoy the fact that they were traveling to the park in a Rolls Royce.
Despite the annoying misty rain the couple, along with the maid of honor and best man, were willing to take some photos outside. We quickly found some tree cover that helped keep those rain drops away. But we were able to get some wonderful photos with the umbrellas. Since the reception was at the Cheshire we were even able to get some photos there. Jessica and Bill were excited to enjoy the laid back reception they had planned. The guest mingled while enjoying the music of 20’s and 30’s from a wonderful band. We hope they got lots of messages from the guests in their notebook and we look forward to going through the photos with them soon.

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