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Baby Brother

October 13, 2020

In the weeks before Easter we have spring sessions at our office. Each year we have an animal and this past spring it was supposed to be a baby lambs. We were saddened when we had to cancel the sessions due to the business shut down at that time. As we talked to our clients they were hopeful we were able to reschedule. However as time passed we were not able to get those baby lambs again and we are looking forward to the spring sessions next year. We had one particular client that mentioned she was also expecting her second child and would contact us to do newborn photos just like we did when her first arrived. She called us to get an idea of our schedule because her Dr. had picked an induction date. Funny thing is the evening after she called us she went into labor. We were happy to hear the new addition was here and ready for photos. Benjamin was just a dream when we arrived at their house and his big sister was eager to show him off from the moment I walked in the door. Taylor was just thrilled to be a big sister and her helping skills were really showing off as she lended a hand with some of Ben’s photos. Honestly she was doing such a great job of posing in the family photos while also telling me about school, what she does at home and how much she liked that I was there to take photos. We have known this family since we did wedding photos years ago and since our client relationship has been so long at this point it’s wonderful to catch up like old friends who haven’t seen each other in awhile. The sessions often go a bit longer than expected due to our chatting but that makes it even better because they truly trust us to get the perfect images. Thanks again for calling us and we are excited to watch your kids grow. See you soon!

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Family Fun

October 6, 2020

We have mentioned our charity giving a session for location auctions, trivia nights and other events for those organizations that support us. Our schools are the best example of this because they not only support us for school photos but any other photographical needs they need throughout the school year. These gift certificates help us get to know more families that attend our schools. Katie called because she was the lucky winner of a mini session from a school auction. She was looking to use it for a family session but also wanted something a bit different than the normal park or studio session. Our first contact she asked if we would be able to do her session at a donut shop. Heck yeah!!!! That sounds like so much fun, we can’t just suggest this to any family since that may not be what they want but since Katie was looking for this we were excited to help. After contacting the donut shop it was decided that the session needed to take place right when they opened. Yep, they open early but they also get busy very fast. It was best to get the photos done before too many customers arrived. We met early in the morning, which was not a problem for us. If Katie can get a family of 5 ready for a photoshoot early in the morning we are happy to be there to capture it. Starting off with family photos outside to capture the location proved to be a great way to showcase the unique location. Also we knew if we went inside to get the donuts first that we may end up with some messy children. Yes this is exactly what happened while we were there to capture each messy moment. The family sat together enjoying the morning with one another as chocolate faces laughed. Thanks for letting me capture these special laughs as the kids are little and these messy faces are just the best things we see in the morning. Hoping we work together again soon.

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Baby coming soon

October 6, 2020

Each day as we work in the studio we work through our sessions and wonder what new sessions will contact us. The phone rings and we are happy to talk to a new potential client on the other end. On one particular day we got a call from Drew who was looking for information on a maternity session. He and his wife Meghan wanted to capture a few photos as they are soon expecting their first child. They lived nearby for years and even after moving farther away they always remembered our name. We took some time to go over the session options to discover a mini session would be perfect for what they wanted. We set up a session only a few days later than our chat as we looked forward to helping them create these memories.
The couple arrived at our studio with a few props they wanted to use in the photos. I was happy to see they had thought about the items that would be special to them making the session more personal. A personalized blanket, ultrasound photos, onesie all gave the photos an extra special touch for their little baby. As we got started they informed me they were having a boy because they were not interested in keeping it a surprise. They were excited to pick a name and start bonding with their baby boy right away. With only a few weeks left in the pregnancy they are getting everything ready while enjoying these last weeks with a few date nights before the arrival. However we did talk about some family members that live nearby to help so they can keep up these nice evenings together every now and then. Since we offer a discount on a newborn session after doing a maternity session with us we hope to meet James after his arrival in October.

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Matt is One

October 6, 2020

Matthew is one and that’s so exciting. It’s not often we get to do a birthday session on a birthday club members actual birthday. When mom contacted us she was hoping we would have his birthday available to do an outdoor session. It worked out perfectly with the weather and time of day. We went early morning and it was wonderful outside. The lighting was amazing with some cloud cover keeping away any heat. Mom brought a few props to use which is a great way to make any session more unique. Matthew was ready to smile for some of mommy’s songs, sounds and smiles. Despite the fact that he is now walking he was willing to stay in the spot we put him. Well at least the first few spots, then he realized it was much more fun to play in the dirt and get away from the camera. A few photos with mom and dad not only kept Matthew still but only enhanced the smiles he was giving. He loved being sandwiched between his two favorite people. We even got a few candid images of him with mom laughing and then walking with dad. These small moments are going to be great memories for him as he gets older. Also a way for mom and dad to look back at how small Matthew is right now as we capture these seconds during his birthday club photo shoot. As we meet a few times during the first year it’s great to watch the personality come out at each of our sessions. This time Matthew laughed at our goofy sounds, and was having fun showing off his walking skills. He has only just started to walk but he will be a master very soon. The next session we will be chasing him around and having fun while we do so! See you in 6 months Matthew.

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Mask it up

September 23, 2020

Birthday club session with great kids are wonderful! With everything going on we are trying to keep some distance between us and the clients when we are doing our sessions. When we have young children we often have an assistant to help with keeping them in place and doing silly things to make them laugh. However, right now since we are not getting as close as usual the assistant is their best to get those great smiles from behind the camera. Sometimes there are sessions that have no need for an assistant because the kids are ready to smile the moment they arrive. I knew when we set up this appointment that these boys have been so great the past few sessions they would have no trouble. This session was set up for Lucas who turned 6, but his little brother was all about being in the photos too! After some family images, even getting that mask photo to show our lives right now, the brother posed for a few together. They knew exactly what to do, listened to any directions they were given and smiled at the silly faces I made. And being able to play with the monkey we brought was fun for them too. This perfect behavior could be because they are birthday club members we have been taking photos of them since they were newborns. They know us, are comfortable with us and that helps us capture those real smiles as we interact with each other. Mom said there was a bit of bribing before the session, which all parents do, but whatever these boys were promised they deserved every bit of it. We will see them again soon when Charlie’s birthday comes up and we are looking forward to it!

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September 23, 2020

There are times we photograph a family or child every few months. They could be members of our birthday club or perhaps like to take advantage of the specials we run monthly at our studio. Other times we get a call from someone that we haven’t seen in a while because they have been busy with the kids. That was the case with this wonderful family because it has been a few years seen we saw them. Our spring special with live animals was the last time they came into our studio, but they didn’t forget what a great experience they had during that session. They knew contacting us for a maternity session was a perfect idea. We changed it up a bit by meeting them at the park instead of something in our office like the previous session. This park was close to them and we were excited to see a new location! We were not sure what to expect but what we got was an amazing family that helped us capture some amazing images in a lovely new park. The young girls were excited to take some photos showing off mom and their soon to be baby brother. We could tell that dad was excited to welcome a boy and share his name. As usual we got caught up in the moments taking so many photos that it will be very hard for this family to make selections. Stunning doesn’t even start to describe how this mom looks as she gets ready to welcome her little kings. Just look at these 4 photos and that is only a very small sample of the images they will have to remember this moment. We hope to work with them soon, perhaps we have a new birthday club member being born in October.

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Abby and Nick

September 16, 2020

Weddings have been much different this year. They either have a smaller amount of people due to regulations, downsized to just a quick ceremony with a rescheduled reception or postponed entirely to next year. But when we spoke with Abby and Nick they were planning to move forward as normal. Well of course not exactly everything was normal, some masks were worn, sanitizer for guest and a bit of social distancing. However those small changes were not going to stop these two from having a great day. We were happy to be there to capture every moment of it.
Abby knew about our studio because we photographed her brother’s wedding. During the quarantine earlier this year she called the office to talk about wedding package options. Since we were not allowed to have clients in the office we discussed everything over the phone. She was happy to schedule with us without an in person consultation because she was aware of our quality product and service. We are always excited to work with families again for another wedding. We have often done siblings, cousins and now even children of the weddings we did 40 years ago!
The day started off with the threat of some rain showers, but the weather was wonderful. As we took some images prior to the ceremony a few sprinkles were felt falling from the sky. Luckily that was it for most of the day! After the ceremony we traveled to a park location that we have actually not been before and it was amazing. A wonderful overlook of the trees with a lake at the bottom of the hill, it was refreshing to see something new to create unique images for this couple. As we finished up the park photos everyone was getting a bit warm so we enjoyed the moments to cool off on the way to the reception. Upon our arrival we had planned on doing a few more photos on the golf course, well it started to rain again, but only for a few minutes which gave us the perfect window of opportunity to grab a few more stunning photos. We really enjoyed watching everyone have such a great time at the reception. So much laughter and smiles were capture by us as well as Nick on his GoPro. Not having seen people together in awhile, a group having fun made everything seem more regular to us. Thanks Abby and Nick for having us there to capture some normal this crazy year.

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Hot Summer Session

August 18, 2020

I have been talking about scheduling a family photo with these wonderful people for awhile. We photographed their wedding and have been capturing spring portraits with our live animals and the kids for years. Sadly this past spring we had to cancel our animal sessions, but that gave us the extra push to get this family session scheduled. We are usually capturing images at nearby parks or even a client’s home. However we are more than happy to go a bit farther out if you want a family photo session that truly represents your family. Anything outside of 30 minutes is an additional fee, but when you have been waiting to schedule that perfect photo it is well worth it.
You can plan outfits, dates, locations but one thing you can’t plan is the temperature. On this particular day we had a heat advisory! This made it a bit harder to get those big smiles from the kids. We did find a shade spot to sit in to capture images with the 4th child, the dog! Since the location was close to home my thought it would be a good idea to bring the dog back home and get a treat for the kids, after some ice pops they were ready to take some more photos of the family. But while mom was gone the kids really liked the idea of taking photos to surprise mom. Up to that point they were not happy about being outside. The idea of “big smiles and nice photos, but DON’T TELL MOM” really got the kids excited.
The family photos turned out perfect both with the dog and without. With the challenge of the heat it was great we had a shade spot to work with for a bit. We had to end the session with a few funny photos. We did funny faces and tickle photos, probably some of my favorite out of all of them. Thanks for getting us out of St. Louis for a bit to capture these wonderful memories for you.

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Summer Girl

August 18, 2020

Birthday club members are fun for us because we get to see the children grow. At times parents are looking for something a bit different to do during the sessions. We have done themed milestone sessions, sometimes we are inside and sometimes we are outside to make each visit unique. When you are doing 6 sessions during the first 2 years trying something new helps the parents, children and us enjoy each time we meet.
When we scheduled this cutie’s 8 month session and mom wanted to bring along grandma and great grandma. Wow, a four generation photo! This was such a great idea and we were excited to capture it. It is not often that a family has four generations making these sessions even more important and memorable. An outdoor session in July is always questionable because of the heat, however this particular morning there was a nice breeze in the shade giving us a bit of relief. We wanted to start with all the ladies together and quickly got some great images of each generation with the baby as well as a group of all of them together. I know this family is really going to cherish these photos for many years!
Of course we needed to take a few photos of the big girl all by herself. She did a perfect job of showing off her standing skills as well as her amazing smile. She is definitely a mommy’s girl because the biggest grins came when she was looking at mom or laughing at mom. With two brothers at home this girl was ready to show off her fancy side with some big bows and ruffle dresses, she had no problem with a few clothing changes. We are looking forward to her fun 1 year session when we’re sure she will be walking and keeping us on our toes following her around! See you soon.

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One year birthday club

August 12, 2020

Have you ever wanted your photographer to come to your house? We can do that for you! Getting ready is so stressful that when we come to your house it takes a bit of the pressure off of naps, traveling, snacks, etc. We are able to work outside your home using the landscaping or walls. It’s also possible for us to be indoors if you prefer, photo in the living room or kids bedroom with their favorite toys.
We arrived at a birthday club member’s home to take one year photos of Christian. It was a very warm day so we knew that we would have to work fast. From the moment everyone came outside they started getting very warm, luckily the spots picked were in the shade. Mom had already picked out a few favorite places in the yard to do the photos. They were beautiful areas and worked great. A simple white brick wall really makes the subject pop in the photos. And of course greenery and trees always looks wonderful in the photos. The evening rain made the grass all wet but a large fan not only helped dry the grass but added a much needed breeze to cool everyone off.
The session was mainly for 1 year photo but big brother was ready to go and smiled so we had to do a photo of him looking so cute. Parents usually have an idea of what they want but sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan. Kids skip naps, need extra snacks, want to play or are really just not in the mood. Being at home does give the opportunity to relax in a familiar area until the kids are ready for photos. Honestly we are able to get a few photos out of any children. It just takes a bit more effort, no problem! Christian settled down and we got some sweet faces of him against the white brick. He really wanted to be held for the family photos but that was alright. I think that after all the chaos this birthday club family will be very happy.

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