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Abby and Nick

September 16, 2020

Weddings have been much different this year. They either have a smaller amount of people due to regulations, downsized to just a quick ceremony with a rescheduled reception or postponed entirely to next year. But when we spoke with Abby and Nick they were planning to move forward as normal. Well of course not exactly everything was normal, some masks were worn, sanitizer for guest and a bit of social distancing. However those small changes were not going to stop these two from having a great day. We were happy to be there to capture every moment of it.
Abby knew about our studio because we photographed her brother’s wedding. During the quarantine earlier this year she called the office to talk about wedding package options. Since we were not allowed to have clients in the office we discussed everything over the phone. She was happy to schedule with us without an in person consultation because she was aware of our quality product and service. We are always excited to work with families again for another wedding. We have often done siblings, cousins and now even children of the weddings we did 40 years ago!
The day started off with the threat of some rain showers, but the weather was wonderful. As we took some images prior to the ceremony a few sprinkles were felt falling from the sky. Luckily that was it for most of the day! After the ceremony we traveled to a park location that we have actually not been before and it was amazing. A wonderful overlook of the trees with a lake at the bottom of the hill, it was refreshing to see something new to create unique images for this couple. As we finished up the park photos everyone was getting a bit warm so we enjoyed the moments to cool off on the way to the reception. Upon our arrival we had planned on doing a few more photos on the golf course, well it started to rain again, but only for a few minutes which gave us the perfect window of opportunity to grab a few more stunning photos. We really enjoyed watching everyone have such a great time at the reception. So much laughter and smiles were capture by us as well as Nick on his GoPro. Not having seen people together in awhile, a group having fun made everything seem more regular to us. Thanks Abby and Nick for having us there to capture some normal this crazy year.

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Trish and Dan Wedding

July 3, 2020

Weddings this spring and summer are looking a bit different than normal in some ways. However they are still a wonderful celebration of marriage between two people surrounded by loved ones…or at least as many loved ones that are able to attend.
During the engagement session Trish and Dan said the wedding was happening in June no matter what. If they had to cut the list to 10 people then they would, but fortunately they didn’t have to go that far down. They were allowed to have around 125 guests! When we arrived at the church we of course took some detail shots of the flowers, programs, masks and hand sanitizer. Yep that’s right we are documenting this event as it is so those unique 2020 details should definitely be in there.
Just like every wedding we attend the pre-wedding photos seem like they fly by because everyone is arriving at different times as well as trying to do the finishing touches on getting ready. Trish and Dan were ready to get things going so we got everything done we needed prior to the ceremony. This worked out perfectly since afterward we had many family photos to do while also wanting to get to the park for photos. Throughout the whole day Trish and Dan didn’t stop smiling, I remember this from the engagement session. They just look at each other and start glowing! At some weddings nerves get the best of the couple while they are on the altar and they forget to smile, but these two were the exact opposite. We know that all couples are happy but to see that joy from the moment we got there until the moment we left is just amazing.
Although it may have been a bit warm, it was June after all, the wedding party had a fun time with photos at the park. We captured some great laughs and interactions between everyone, this is going to make photo selection difficult for Trish and Dan. Thanks for a wonderful day and we look forward to working on your wedding album design soon.

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Courtney and Jonathan

June 21, 2020

Weddings schedule so far in advance that there is no way of knowing what type of weather the day will bring, but most couples just have plans for all cases and enjoy the day no matter what. This spring our couples were surprised with another factor to consider as the wedding day approached…the stay at home order and the maximum of 10 people in a gathering. The current situation is not something any of us would have thought to make a backup plan. Each couple has made a unique decision for their event, some have postponed a few months others a whole year. Courtney and Jon decided that they wanted to move forward as planned. Yes less people would be there, the venue was not available and their photos now included everyone wearing masks. However they still got married while surrounded by loved ones.
When I spoke with Courtney we made adjustments to the timeline of the day and talked about the people that would be in attendance. Getting ready at their home was much quieter than normal since it was only a few people but really other than that it wasn’t any different than all the other weddings. The flowers arrived, the dress hung in the bedroom, the jewelry was set out and everyone there was ready to get the day started.
Courtney and Jon decided to do a first look at SLU with the clock tower in the background. The weather was beautiful and the campus didn’t have too many people walking around, this created the perfect backdrop for Jon to see Courtney for the first time. It was a great moment and even though we were pretty far away at this point we could see the happiness on their faces. We walked around the campus getting some picturesque images for them. The families met us at the next location so we could get all of those images done prior to the wedding as well. Since we were outside it was easier for everyone to keep socially distant from each other. We had to take a few photos with masks because this is such a unique situation right now that those images will be a part of history.
The wedding ceremony was still held the church as planned but the pews were empty. However having a photographer and videographer present Courtney and Jon will be able to share this moment with everyone soon. As they exited the church they were surprised by some family members spread out in front of the church with signs and balloons. A wonderful moment showing that no matter the distance they will always have family supporting them.
The reception moved to the groom’s family home. It was great that they were able to have a space to celebrate Courtney and Jon. Another surprise when they arrived was a new way to do a receiving line, guests lined up in their cars and drove by waving and wishing the couple a happy marriage. The reception continued with all the normal wedding events – cake, toast, dinner, dancing. Of course to keep with the theme of supportive family members the evening also included a zoom call with some out of town people. Honest Courtney and Jon never imagined their wedding would look like this but considering everything going on in the world it was a perfect event. I’m glad we were able to be a part of it.

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Lauren and Michael

March 18, 2020

Sometimes when I meet a couple I just know we will be a good fit as their wedding photographer. Lauren and Michael came into the studio to review our package options. We discussed the package that would work best for them and went over a bit of a timeline for the wedding day. This helped them to get an idea of how everything would work during their February wedding. Lauren and Michael decided that they should go home and discuss these options then call back if they wanted to use our photography services. They left the office….30 seconds later they were back! They said there was no reason to talk anymore about it, they wanted us at the wedding. I’m glad they felt the same way I did from our meeting.
We again had wonderful February weather, yes of course it was cold but the sun was out and it could have been much worse. The day started off at the church with the wedding party getting ready, doing a few photos outside and then relaxing before the ceremony. Lauren and Michael wanted to be sure to have a special moment to exchange letters however they didn’t want to see each other so holding hands around a door create the perfect photo moment!
The church offered a great way to take a photo from the balcony of all the guests that attended the wedding. Lauren and Michael are going to enjoy looking at this photo to see the amazing love and support they have from family and friends. We had plenty of time to take photos around the church before we headed to the park. Yes, we went to the park in February. The wedding party was great about getting into the photos quickly so we could get back in the cars to warm up. The area we went had some evergreen trees and a pond so despite the dead trees all around Lauren and Michael’s photos actually look more like spring photos! Since it was chilly they decided to let the wedding party head to the reception while we went to one more location with just the two of them. A downtown street with a great brick wall and alleyway was a unique spot to do a few photos. The funny part was that as soon as we started taking photos a local restaurant turned on the outdoor speakers with some music for us to listen to. We decided that music was meant for them so they did some dancing! It was just a great moment to watch between the newlywed couple.
They continued that dancing well into the evening at the reception. I don’t think either Lauren or Michael stopped smiling the entire day. Such a wonderful couple to work with, thanks for coming back in the door that evening.

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Darci and Ian

March 10, 2020

Darci and Ian planned a February wedding with no idea what the weather would have in store. We discussed options for photo locations. Luckily they planned to get ready at a nearby hotel, this always gives a few options to do photos if we are unable to go outside. The wedding was at Sunset Hills Banquet center, with the golf course being right outside the door we had more options to do photos outside. We could walk out do a few photos and then go back inside to get warm. We had multiple options in place with the couple. The great part was we had a wonderful day so we through all those back up plans out the window!
We arrived at the hotel to capture the wedding party getting ready. The girls were moving along and staying on time – not always a common thing when we show up wedding morning. The boys were also prepared for some photos in the hotel room…perhaps too prepared! They were ready to have fun from the moment we walked in the door and this continued the entire day. Their energy really helped everyone forget it was a bit chilly outside. However when you think about the weather we could have had, we would say it was a beautiful day.
The first look happened in the hotel so Darci and Ian could spend a few moments together before we headed to the ceremony location. With ample photo spots right outside we did all the photos before the ceremony. The sweet and candid moments were plentiful with this couple. We captured many photos of them interacting with each other. And it was such a wide range of photos too, from kisses on the cheek to Ian picking Darci up and carrying her across the field. It will be very hard for them to narrow down the favorite photos. It didn’t help that the wedding party was having such a great time too.
The family even arrived early for photos. This gave Darci and Ian time to really enjoy time with them instead of being rushed from one location to the next. A short ceremony lead right into the reception, exactly what they had planned – get to the party quickly. But not before we took a moment for some sunset photos.
The day just went so smoothly from start to finish! We were happy that we captured all the moments of the day. Thanks for letting us be a part of your memories.

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Michelle and Steven

March 10, 2020

Michelle and Steven met us at a bridal show. They were searching for vendors to help out with their day. After a brief meeting during the show they decided it was best to come into the office to talk in more detail. When they arrived they had all their parents with them. I knew this was going to be so much fun because of how close the families were. I found out that Steven’s mom is actually Michelle’s god mother. The moms have been friends for years!
Prior to the wedding day if the couple has any special request photos I ask that they give them to me so that I can review everything. Michelle had a few things in mind that we were able to capture throughout the day. The most important thing she had in mind was photos in the snow! A January wedding can go many different directions – no snow, too much snow, or just the perfect amount of snow. The day started off very cold with a chance for sleet all day. Not exactly the best option but Michelle was still in great spirits as she got ready for the day. Steven even greeted us with a thumbs up as he waited for his turn to take some photos. The ceremony was beautiful but the most beautiful moment was when we were all packing up to leave and we looked out the window….GIANT SNOWFLAKES! Michelle literally jumped for joy.
This wonderful snow had us heading to the park because our original plan was inside due to sleet. Snow is much better for outdoor photos. Everyone may have been a bit cold but we worked as quick as possible getting some amazing photos in the falling snow. So many photographers have to add a filter to photos to make it look like the photos we were getting in real life. It was such a magical moment for the couple as they kissed under a clear umbrella surrounded by snow. We are honored we captured these memories for you, congratulations!

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Jessica and Bill

March 10, 2020

I would say if it was going to rain on anyone’s wedding day Jessica and Bill were really relaxed about it. Honestly what can anyone do about it, nothing, so why not just make the best of the situation and not let it ruin your wedding day.
We met with Jessica at the hotel as she finished up the getting ready process. Everyone seemed very calm, at least until she got her dress on. Then she mentioned that she was really starting to get nervous now that it was all put together. That is pretty typical at weddings because it is rare that a bride will get a total look at everything before the event day. Hair trial, make up trial, dress fittings, etc. they never end up on the same day. And even if they do it seems like brides always forget to try the shoes too! Luckily Jessica had some time when she got to the church to just relax for a bit while the guests arrived.
Bill and his family were ready for photos as soon as we got there. It was great to have a groom with some ideas about what he wanted and who he wanted to have in his photos. Since we were able to get a bunch of photos done before the wedding this gave us the opportunity to use our time afterward getting many combinations of family photos. We even had plenty of time to really enjoy the fact that they were traveling to the park in a Rolls Royce.
Despite the annoying misty rain the couple, along with the maid of honor and best man, were willing to take some photos outside. We quickly found some tree cover that helped keep those rain drops away. But we were able to get some wonderful photos with the umbrellas. Since the reception was at the Cheshire we were even able to get some photos there. Jessica and Bill were excited to enjoy the laid back reception they had planned. The guest mingled while enjoying the music of 20’s and 30’s from a wonderful band. We hope they got lots of messages from the guests in their notebook and we look forward to going through the photos with them soon.

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Allyson and Alex

January 4, 2020

Couples planning a wedding have many tasks to complete and decisions to make. This can often become overwhelming, however we meet with some couples that walk in the door with no doubt they will use our services for the wedding photos. Knowing one decision is easily done can help the couple focus on other tasks. Allyson and Alex knew they wanted us to capture the wedding day…perhaps even before they were engaged! We have done multiple weddings for Allyson’s family so they are aware of the quality service and product we provide to our couples. Not only were they excited to have us at the wedding, we were excited to be there. The engagement session was extremely fun because Allyson and Alex interact so well together! After the wonderful photos we got of them we couldn’t wait to be there on the wedding day!
Planning a December wedding you really are rolling the dice with the weather. This couple rolled a seven because despite a few chilly winds here and there the day was wonderful. The sun was out, the threat of rain was nowhere in sight and no snow to keep the guest away (although Allyson said she would have loved some snow). The day started early with an 11am ceremony since the daylight is gone quickly they wanted to be sure we had plenty of time for photos in the park afterward. Not only did we have time, we were able to go to two locations with time to spare getting some wonderful photos with the lights outside the reception hall. Allyson and Alex were all smiles from the moment we got there, except for the moment Alex saw her walk down the isle – some tears were shed here. Oh and when they exchanged gifts, and during the toast….alright perhaps not smiles all day, but the tears were all the best kind! A wonderful day for a wonderful couple! Thanks for thinking of us first and letting us share in this day.

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Taylor and Josh

January 4, 2020

When I hear about people I know getting engaged I am always hopeful they will call the office to talk about wedding photography. Most people do because they know the quality and service we are able to offer. Besides having someone you know behind the camera always helps people relax. I met Taylor and Josh through my husband’s job. We’ve known Taylor for many years, quickly realizing that when she was young she came into the studio with her siblings for photos with the live animals at Easter time. We have often joked we will need to recreate that photo now that they are all adults! When Taylor and Josh met it was clear to those around them that they were a good match. While at my house one day she mentioned a winter wedding in the snow. Well when she and Josh finally settled on a date it was October, the most popular month of the year for weddings. I told her to get working on plans fast because those go fast. She came into the studio to talk about packages, we were hoping Josh could come to but he got stuck at jury duty. No matter we set up a time to do engagement photos before it got too cold outside. We actually got lucky with an overcast day, slight wind but warm enough to get some beautiful images. When they arrived they were a bit nervous about photos, they wanted to make sure they looked their best. It was very easy to accomplish this because after a few quick photos they were warmed up. They quickly learned what to do as I tried to get out the words to pose them – left hand, right hand, turn this way….it doesn’t always come out of my mouth the way I want it. However Taylor and Josh just laughed with me and did exactly what I wanted or sometimes something even better. They enjoyed the proofs I presented to them so I hope this get them excited about wedding day photos. A pleasure working with you my friends.

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