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Gwen and Adam

July 3, 2019

Gwen and Adam are just amazing to work with and I had such a great time at the wedding. When they got engaged I knew early on because I’m friends with Gwen’s family. I knew they had just started the planning process but was sure that when it came to photography they would give me a call. Of course they did! We sat down to talk about the plans and realized that some of our packages included more than they wanted…no problem. We custom created a package that worked perfectly for their wedding day. It was my pleasure to make sure they had what they needed but were not spending extra on the items they didn’t want. I am more than happy to do this for anyone that comes into the office, everyone is considered a friend when working with Ravetta Photography.
The wedding day started at the hotel with the girls getting ready. It was so fun to see the family together celebrating this happy occasion since I have seen them at other celebrations, backyard barbeques, winery trips and many other things. However this one was extra special – they would be welcoming Adam into their family. He was really already a part of the family but June 8th made it official. Heading over to the church I met up with Adam who isn’t a big fan of taking photos but was totally relaxed with me there doing them. Besides he would do anything for Gwen and if that means a few hundred photos then so be it!
Gwen arrived and did a first look with dad before they walked down the aisle. Wow the tears were flowing from everyone, even I started to tear up so I had to tell them to start laughing because it was hard to take photos while crying…that got some great smiles from everyone. It was such a great moment and I was so happy that I was there to capture it.
With all the rain in June we were worried we wouldn’t get to the park after the ceremony, however it turned out to be a perfect day. Park photos were a blast because it really just felt like we were just hanging out together, having fun and taking some photos while we were there. This fun just carried over into the reception. It was a wonderful day with Adam and Gwen. I know they will love the photos and I look forward to capturing many more events for them in the future.

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Danielle and Martin

June 20, 2019

Danielle and Martin were so much fun during their engagement session that we knew the wedding would be amazing. Another thing that amazes us is that we are not photographing the weddings of clients that we did their parents wedding. We photographed Danielle’s parents wedding so when they started looking for a photographer they notice we were available and still providing a high quality product to our brides. They looked no further!! It’s crazy to think that we have been taking wedding photos for 40 years and hoping for another 40.
When we arrived at the MAC to get photos of the girls getting ready they were running right on time…that never happens. It seems that something is always running behind at every wedding, however Danielle was on top of everything to make sure the girls were done when they were supposed to be done. After a first look with the bridesmaids we headed over to the Palm House to meet up with the boys. They were ready for photos so we quickly got them done so they could go hide as Danielle arrived to the park.
The Palm House has such beautiful lighting which really set the mood for this summer wedding. Nice sunny skies with a couple surrounded by friends and family. They had some close friends perform the ceremony by saying some nice words about them as well as helping them through the vows. With some laughs, waves to the crowd and all smiles Danielle and Martin were married!
With the amount of rain we were very fortunate to have a bright sunny day. A bit warm but that is much better than rain. We did photos around Tower Grove park in a few locations. The wedding party was having a great time and couldn’t wait to get to the reception. Danielle wanted to be sure that they arrived in time to take some photos at the MAC before the guests arrived. Since they had plenty of time the decided to be at the whole cocktail hour to talk with all the people that came to celebrate with them. It is really great to see a couple that is so concerned with their guests. They spent so much time talking with everyone which really showed how happy they were to have the support around them.
It was wonderful to be a part of this wedding!

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Valerie and Corey

June 6, 2019

Meeting Valerie and Corey was such a great experience that we were really hoping we would have the opportunity to photograph their wedding. We met them at a bridal show and then set up a personal consultation in the office. Cindy, Valerie’s mom, came in to the office as well so we could get very specific with the package pricing and timing of the day. It was our pleasure to help them decide what would be the best package option for their Friday wedding. We spoke a few times as the date grew closer to make sure that everything was going to run according to the plan. With a bit of drive time between the house where the girls were getting ready to the church to the reception we wanted to be sure that everyone would be where they needed to be on time. We have done so many weddings that we are able to help you plan each and every detail when it comes down to the photos of the day. The week of the wedding arrived and…..rain….rain…rain! That is about all that was in the forecast for the whole week. It looked like it was going to be a complete rain out so we talked about the best options to do photos if that ended up being the case. We woke up to some drizzle but it totally cleared up before we met Valerie at her house. Despite some wet grass it was an amazing day for them! Everyone seemed calm while getting ready, the girls were on top of everything – nobody was running behind at all! The boys even got in a few games of pool in the church rec room while Corey waited to see Valerie as she walked down the isle, escorted by her nephew. A ceremony followed by a beach ball send off out of the church really kept this day unique to Valerie and Corey. Family photos went smoothly just like the rest of the day so we all headed to the country club to do photos on the course before the reception. We had a great time with the wedding party that continued into the party! Congratulations to Valerie and Corey!

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Libby and Brian

May 21, 2019

Libby was planning a wedding from Kansas City but luckily her sister had gotten married a few years ago. However, Libby and Brian were looking to make sure their wedding was different than her sister’s wedding. We really enjoy working with families again when there is another wedding or a family portrait. It is very easy for us to make each wedding unique because everyone is unique! Weddings bring out personalities that we enjoy capturing throughout the day. Despite using the same locations I would say that Libby and Brian have a very different look to their wedding photos. We know that they will be happy they selected us again to capture the moments. We had such a great time meeting the girls at the hotel while they prepared to head to the church for an early ceremony. A few photos before the wedding was all we could get in however with a ceremony at 11am that left us plenty of time afterward to take many photos at church and around St. Louis. The lighting inside the Shrine of St. Joseph’s is amazing during the day so the photos were just perfect as Libby and Brian said I Do! Every wedding needs some large group photos…did I say large…yes they had a great number of family members there to celebrate! When we were done someone said to us that it was the fastest and most organized anyone has ever taken their family photos. It’s great to see that people recognize our professional attitude along with the efficient way we take those large family photos. The wedding party was excited to get to the park to enjoy the wonderful April weather. Photos at the Muny, the Jewel Box – followed by some ice cream at Ted Drews then brought us to The Brewery. A bit of time for everyone to sit and relax while we headed to the reception to take photos of the décor. The party was ready to begin when Libby and Brian arrived early to greet the guest as they came in the door. This was a great way for them to say hello to everyone so they could enjoy the rest of the evening. The night was complete with an announcement that in 2 weeks they would be moving back to St. Louis – the parent faces that we were able to capture were just amazing! This entire day will be such a great memory for everyone. Congratulations to Libby and Brian.

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Ana and David

April 23, 2019

Ana contacted the studio looking for a unique element to her engagement photos. There was going to be an engagement party for her and David so she was thinking while they were all dressed up with family and friends around it would be the perfect time for engagement photos. We decided to meet a bit before the party to take a few posed photos of Anna and David. The home where the party took place was a family friend and it had beautiful areas for photos. I probably could have taken photos of them all day because they were great together and the location was unique. That’s exactly what Anna wanted in their engagement photos, she didn’t want to be wondering around the park like everyone else. These photos will be special to them because the location was extra special to them. After a few quick photos we realized that guests were arriving and starting to watch what we were up to. It was a bit strange for them to be watched as they took photos but at the same time this added another unique element to the session. Those people that were closest to them got to witness how madly in love these two are. The rest of the time I was there I mingled within the party getting images of them as they all shared in the joy of Ana and David. It was a very different take on the typical engagement photos which was great because it is so nice for us to change things up once in a while. Perhaps this will be a new trend that we could offer to customers that have engagement parties. They will be getting married out of town and we wish them the very best wedding day!

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Jennifer and Matt

January 31, 2019

Jennifer and Matt were putting a wedding together quickly, or at least they thought it was quick. However we have worked with other couples that planned a wedding in only 1 month! They both came into the office to discuss package options for their December wedding. It worked out that the best option was our package that has one photographer for 8 hours and the second there 4 hours. Since everything would basically be taking place in on spot it made sense that after the ceremony one photographer could get what was needed. We started at the hotel with Jen who was having a great morning. It is so fun to have the opportunity to spend with the bride as she prepares for the wedding. She was trying to keep everyone on time because she knew Matt would start wondering what was going on as he waited in the lobby for the first look. After an emotional first look we headed to city hall for photos. Since it was around 30 degrees outside it wasn’t in the plan to spend a bunch of time outside. Jennifer used our suggestion and got a permit for photos in city hall. Although we did talk get a few photos of them outside with the arch in the background. Everyone headed to the Patty Long Catering 9th Street Abbey, both the ceremony and reception were in this location. There was plenty of time to get all the family photos done before the guest arrived and even time for the couple to relax before the big moment. A beautiful ceremony complete with personal vows written by Jennifer and Matt. This venue has a cocktail area upstairs that they use while they flip the room to the reception, in about 45 minutes the room was totally transformed into something different. From the isle chairs and altar decorations to tables decorated perfectly with a winter theme. It was great to see the families laugh during the toast and then get out on the dance floor together. Such a pleasure to work with this couple for their amazing winter wedding!

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Lizzie and Vineet

November 15, 2018

Another fabulous day in St. Louis! Another beautiful wedding awaits.

We met the bride Lizzie at the Seasons Salon and Spa. The place has a beautiful Bridal Suite to get ready in. It has a nice place to hang the dress for photographs, a widespread mirror for the girls to use ad plenty of privacy. Each of the girls had their own stylist to make the process much faster.

Upon leaving, the bride was greeted at the door by Joe Barbaglia and his spectacular Rolls Royce. Joe’s a perfect gentleman and we have worked with him on many weddings including his own!

Next it was on to St. Ambrose Church, “On the Hill” to meet the guys. Vineet was all smiles when we arrived and more than ready for us to capture photos of him and his guys.. His brother was his best man.

The ceremony couldn’t go wrong with Msg. Bommarito officiating and the grandeur of the interior of the church. The music was heavenly with the voice of Heather Wessels. We also photographed Heather’s wedding a few years ago. (I’m feeling special right about now!)

We moved on to Lafayette Park for bridal portraits and fun candid photos. The black iron bridge is a really popular place to be. The wedding party was joy to work with making our job very easy.

We worked out way back out of the park and went on our way to Amsterdam Tavern. There, we took photos of the couple where they first met and where they first kissed. We found out later, when the bride’s sister Abby gave her toast, that Vineet’s first words to Lizzy were “I’ve been watching you.” Abby suggested “He may be a creeper.” Turns out, he was the love she was looking for,

The reception was held at the Mahler Ballroom. The entire place has been updated including the bar area and downstairs lounge area, We are lucky to have these venues with so much architectural history in St. Louis.

The dance between the couple was perfect. We could feel the emotion fill the room. The dancing continued into the evening to end a wonderful day.

Congratulations Lizzy and Vineet and Thank You for choosing Ravetta Photography to be a part of your special day.
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Katie and Tony

November 8, 2018

Wedding planning can be a big task, very overwhelming for many people. I have known Katie and Tony for a few years and when I heard they were engaged I thought planning a wedding was not something they were interested in doing. It wouldn’t have surprised me if one day they just went to the court house to get it done quickly. However with the help of Tony’s mom they started planning the perfect wedding. They knew photos were necessary but wasn’t something they were interested in doing all day. They didn’t want to go to lots of locations or spend too much time with photos… or so I thought! We definitely went to a bunch of locations but we kept it short at each one giving them lots of photos options but also time to relax on the limo with the wedding party. When we arrived at the house with the girls we quickly realized this was going to be a very fun day! Katie look radiant in her dress – she was very excited to get in it, but the shoes were a different story. After about 3 minutes in her heels she switched to flip flops, it made total sense anyway since we were doing all the photos before in the park. With a bit a rain moving around we were not sure if we would get hit while at the park but we took the chance in order to get amazing photos. An the photos were more than amazing with the perfect overcast lighting, an animated wedding party and a couple that just loved to have fun together. Other than the park some photo stops included The Hill, their first home and the cigar shop for the boys! Since all photos were being done early at the church we headed there to get started. I could see that Katie was quickly getting tired of photos so we went as fast as possible. They both had a few minutes to relax before the ceremony began, we always make this happen because we do not want anyone being rush right before the ceremony. I took a moment to make sure they were enjoying the day. They were both ready to get it started and move to the celebration. Many special people were included in the ceremony including co-workers and family – the celebrant was a relative of Tony’s, very special to have him there to join the couple. The reception was so classic and beautiful. For two people that didn’t really want to plan a wedding this day turned out perfect! After some special moments I put down the camera and joined the party which doesn’t happen very often. I really enjoyed celebrating with everyone. Congratulations!!

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Kristin and Tim

November 8, 2018

After working with Kristin and Tim during their engagement session I was very excited for their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a great day! They are both so filled with joy and surrounded by a great group of friends made the day extra fun. We started with some photos of the girls getting ready at the salon before we headed to meet the boys at the church. A neighborhood wedding is also great because we get to see so many people we have worked with in the past or see around as we spend time with our families. The girls were keeping it together prior to the ceremony…someone had to because the boys were already having a good time. Silly poses, poking fun at each other and having a fantastic time had begun and would continue the whole day with this group. After the beautiful ceremony the girls were ready to join in the fun! I may have been a bit chilly this October afternoon, but we were just pleased that it was not raining like the prior day. We can all deal with cold, besides it made for some wonderful lighting while we were at the park doing photos. Of course we got so nice posed photos of the group, but the candids are just amazing. We couldn’t stop the wedding party from having a good time together – and why would we! We love when a group of people interact so well together that we have tons of great photos. Another special part of this day was that Kristin and Tim included his daughter Lilly in lots of ways throughout the day. She got ready at the salon with the girls, did a sand ceremony with them at the church, came to the park for photos and also had a very special dance with dad at the reception. A perfect way to start a new family! After a quick stop to the bar where they met, Tim still had her phone number in his wallet from that night (not a current number but still, so sweet that he kept it) The fun continued into the reception, I’m sure after we left it never stopped. It was a great day with Kristin and Tim, I have no idea how they are going to pick from all the great photos we took.

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Lauren and Andrew

November 1, 2018

When a wedding is planning so far in advance it is a guess as to what the weather will be, especially around here. It could be 40 degrees in September or 70 degrees in November. As we left in the morning one wonderful day mid-October we knew that the forecast was calling for rain. There is nothing we can do when it’s raining outside but look for alternative places for photos. We first went to see the boys and they were anxiously waiting a pizza delivery which was slow due to the weather. Otherwise they were in good spirits and ready to do some photos. Andrew was very relaxed, couldn’t wait to see Lauren at the church. After a few photos of the girls getting ready at a second location we all headed to the church. Lauren was bummed the weather was not great however she knew the most important part of the day was that she was going to get married to Andrew. So she didn’t let the rain bother her as we took photos of the girls inside the church. Lauren had to then hide in the balcony while we worked with the boys on the altar. Andrew was instructed not to peek but I wonder if Lauren got a look before it was time for the ceremony. The reception was at Bogey Hills country club and luckily the rain had slowed to a mist by the time we got there. A bit chilly but we had to take advantage and do some photos outside under the gazebo…and with a golf cart of course. I bet these are going to be their favorite photos because it really shows how happy they were to be married and looking forward to celebrating with family and friends during the reception. And what a celebration it was! The dance floor was packed the whole time with laughter as Lauren and Andrew almost seemed in another world just the two of them dancing – they really enjoyed the whole day and that’s the best thing to do when you can’t do anything about the weather. Remember a wet knot is harder to untie!

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