The boys

January 24, 2019

We have said it many, many times before but if the opportunity ever comes up to take photos make sure you don’t miss it. A quick phone call doesn’t hurt for anyone to check our schedule. Odds are we can fit in a mini session near the time you want, if not a full session at the exact time that works. Rita worked with us for senior photos and loved the quality work she received. Therefore she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a photo of all her boys together while they were in town for Christmas. All five boys in one place…that never happens now that they are living all over or in college. She called the office a few days before Christmas hoping we could make something work but wouldn’t be surprised if we couldn’t since it was so last minute. The only day they could do was the day after Christmas, luckily we had two options for her. A full session in the afternoon or a mini session in the morning would both fit into her schedule and ours. Rita thought for a second and realized that with five boys about 30 minutes was all she would get out of them anyway. She was so happy that it worked out, all she had to do was call the studio and ask. She would have never forgiven herself if she didn’t at least try to get something scheduled. We were happy it worked out for her, the boys were great to work with and dad even said “hey they don’t sit still and smile when we ask them to” Sometimes it just takes another person to get that great photo! It was a pleasure to capture these guys together because they kept me laughing the whole time. Perhaps we will get the opportunity again!

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