March 13, 2019

Year after year my parents would take photos of my sister and I, we were often the test subjects for a new set or prop. I cherish those photos because they all have memories that come flooding back each time I see them. Some photos were taken at our first studio location which then gets me thinking about how we use to play in the backyard while mom and dad worked. We were also given a few odd jobs around the office to “help” Now that I have kids I realize those helping jobs were really not always helpful they were just to keep us out of the way! I remember building the offices in our current building, again helping as much as we could but yet not really knowing what a tradition we were building. Now over 40 years later I am doing those same things with my boys. The kids are often at the office putting things in alphabetical order, moving props, setting lights and sitting as a test subject. Sometimes the tasks went better than others but now as they are getting older they have realized the faster the “help” mom the faster they get to play in the backyard! I recently did a 5 year session for Jackson, it was an unusually warm day in winter so we were able to get some outdoor photos too! It is always a bonus for those winter babies to have a different look than just the in studio portraits. He was happy to be outside but wasn’t a fan of taking as many photos as mom wanted to take so of course we made it fun just I do with every other session. When we were done he said he had a great time and we should go outside more. I agree buddy, but we are still waiting for it to get warmer outside! Once I had the photos ready for him to see he looked over them all and said “mommy these are just so beautiful, I did a great job, and you too because you took them” That was such a great moment and I hope that he keeps these memories we are making together forever. Perhaps in another 25 years he will be taking photos of his family in the Ravetta photography studio!

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