Welcome to St. Louis

July 25, 2017

We would like to welcome you to St. Louis! Megan and her family just recently moved to St. Louis. She contacted us because her husband needed a photo for work. She had thought about it and was very smart to add on some family photos while we were at the park. It was warm so working quickly was the best option. We were able to get lots of photos during the mini session. Family, mom and baby, dad and baby, just baby and even dad’s portrait for work. Ronan, even though I call him baby, is such a big guy! He was very excited to walk around exploring the park. After some family photos he realized all the wonders the park has to offer. Rocks, trees, sticks, running areas, water and even ducks! He was so excited to wonder around looking at everything, picking up his favorite items along the way. This kept Megan very busy with him while I took dad’s photos. It was great that I was able to get a bunch of smiles before Ronan started to explore because once he had his eyes on the treasures of the park he was no longer interested in looking at the camera. Knowing the stages of each age we are photographing is one of our strengths! We are able to carefully pose small babies, chase a toddler around working quickly to get smiles, bargain with a 4 year old and relate to the older kids with sports-games-shows. Adapting to each unique session is a great quality to look for when searching for your photographer. They can add a custom touch to your session making it more memorable for your family. The images will capture everyone at this moment in life for you to cherish and remember forever.

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